Greg Littley Talks Content Creation And The Wild World Of Clubhouse On OJ&B The Podcast With Jonathan Valdez

Graphic via OJ&B The Podcast with Jonathan Valdez Greg Littley, Digital Marketer and Content Creator In a city and world where content i...

In a city and world where content is king for brands and influencers alike, Digital Marketer and Content Creator Greg Littley is what some industry insiders have called the "influencer's influencer and the marketer's marketer." With a career spanning from working and executing social and digital strategies for brands like Ford, Kiehl's, Disney, Asos and The Knot to being the former VP of Content and Strategy at Elite Models, Greg knows all about what it takes to get noticed and break through the noise in the crowded realm of Social Media.

I was thrilled to have Greg on OJ&B The Podcast as a guest where he talked all about his career, content creation and the wild world of the latest buzzworthy app, Clubhouse.

Listen to the full interview with Greg below and be sure to follow him on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and Clubhouse! 

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Photo courtesy of Greg Littley

Thanks for the fabulous conversation and for coming on the podcast Greg! 
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