The Chopra Foundation’s Love In Action Campaign Partners with EBY to Support Women's Mental Health & Wellbeing

Photo via Naz Perez's Instagram Naz Perez partakes in the #BareYourTruthChallenge on Instagram as part of The Chopra Foundation's Lo...

Naz Perez partakes in the #BareYourTruthChallenge on Instagram as part of The Chopra Foundation's Love In Action Campaign

The Chopra Foundation and EBY – a women's empowerment clothing brand, have joined forces to address an overlooked fact of the pandemic: women, particularly single mothers, have been severely and disproportionately affected by the public health crisis. Deepak Chopra’s “Love in Action” initiative will partner with EBY in providing mental health support to empower women to realize their full potential.

Eva Longoria, Michelle Rodriguez, Juliane Hough, Camille Kostek and Naz Perez to name a few have joined EBY and Deepak in their “Love in Action Women, Series.” Through the power of purpose and empathy, these women will shed light on what causes emotional distress and discuss tools to help alleviate it. Each one will be sitting down with Deepak to share their stories and provide Deepak’s tools to overcome emotional turbulence.

Photo via Coveteur.com

Sofia Vergara sits with her EBY collection 

The facts behind the COVID-19 pandemic crisis reveal that mothers of small children are three times more likely than fathers to lose their jobs. Single mothers are faring even worse. At the same time, suicide is the second leading cause of death among young adults, but statistically higher for young women.

The Love in Action campaign is providing free access to a three-month course designed by Deepak to take on and overcome these mental health challenges. “Mental hygiene is at the center of our overall psychological and emotional well-being, Women, who are the heartbeats of their families and communities, need more so than ever before, to be empowered to create the mental space for themselves and their loved ones “ says Gabriella Wright, co-founder of Chopra foundation’s Never alone initiative for suicide prevention and mental wellbeing.

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