Voyage Is Here To Naturally Cure Your Jet Lag

Photo courtesy of Voyage A bottle of Voyage You can't log onto Instagram these days without being attacked by photos of peopl...

Photo courtesy of Voyage

A bottle of Voyage

You can't log onto Instagram these days without being attacked by photos of people jet-setting across the world no matter what time of the year it is. 

The only thing more confusing than wondering if they actually have a job is how they manage to stay so fabulous while fighting insomnia, irritability, lack of concentration, daytime sleepiness, fatigue and headaches, A.K.A jet lag.

Until now, there has been nothing that you can really do to fight jet lag except spending day after day getting used to it until eventually you head back to your original location. 

Enter Voyage, the all new, natural herbal remedy that resolves jet lag using exclusively organic or wildcrafted botanical ingredients, with no negative side effects.

Voyage is a proprietary herbal blend formulated by using vast clinical expertise and scientific foundation of clinical herbalism of KILU, the creators, formulators and manufacturers of Voyage, which is founded and led by clinical herbalist Kilu Horecki, RH (AHG) who is trained in Western herbalism, Chinese Traditional Medicine and the ancient art of Ayurveda. 

"We asked ourselves the question, wouldn’t it be great if we could remove jet lag form the travel equation? With our vast experience and expertise in formulation of natural herbal remedies, we felt it was time we tackle the issue of jet lag. This is how our product, Voyage, was born.” States Horecki.

Photo courtesy of Voyage

Kilu Horecki, RH (AHG)

Voyage’s efficacy has been proven under the analysis of focus study from actual users. Participants of the focus study say that they adjusted much quicker to jet lag than without Voyage reporting better sleep, being less tired during the day and having more energy.  

The herbal product is also designed to help with altitude and travel sickness, travel-related anxiety, as well as boost to the immune system making it the perfect travel companion enhancing the quality of life for the jet-set. 

Voyage comes in liquid form and the 1oz bottle is TSA approved so you can have it close to you and ready to go. 

Photo courtesy of Voyage

A bottle of Voyage

To find out more information about Voyage and to get your own bottle click here

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