Jonathan Valdez Of OJ&B Makes 2019 Edition Of George Wayne's "Downtown 100"

Photo via Downtown100.com George Wayne and the 2019 edition of his "Downtown 100" The legendary and self-professed &quo...

Photo via Downtown100.com

George Wayne and the 2019 edition of his "Downtown 100"

The legendary and self-professed "carnivore of popular culture, George (GW) Wayne has come out with the 2019 edition of his iconic "Downtown 100" list which names "the coolest,  most relevant, most creative, most influential and the most inspiring people who define downtown New York City right now. From the famous to the infamous: provocateurs, visionaries, creators and instigators."

For over a quarter of a century George Wayne has held dominion over the realm of celebrity dialogue and is best known for his challenging interrogations of the noteworthy as seen in Vanity Fair's Legendary "G.W. G&A."

Regarding his infamous "Downtown 100" Wayne says, "I do this annual listing to celebrate my friends, many of which are the coolest, chicest, influencers and shape shifters who continue to define this town of ours- which remains the capital of the world, as far as I am concerned." 

Photo via Downtown100.com

A sampling of George Wayne's vast press clippings from The New York Times and Vanity Fair 

GW started the "Downtown 100" over 20 years ago while he was at Paper Magazine. Past honorees have included Lady Gaga, A$AP Rocky, Solange Knowles, Alan Cumming, Rihanna and many more.

This year GW's "Downtown 100" includes the likes of The Olsen Twins, Andy Cohen, Bella Hadid, Alexander Wang and ME (Jonathan Valdez of Orange Juice and Biscuits)!!! 

Photo via Instagram- @JonathanRValdez

Jonathan Valdez of Orange Juice and Biscuits

I am so honored and thrilled to be named as on of George Wayne's "Downtown 100" for 2019! I have always admired George Wayne's career and to have such a legendary New Yorker and journalist recognize me in any capacity is very humbling and exciting! Moments and opportunities like these are what made me move from Texas to NYC almost 10 years ago!

As NYC evolves and changes so does the list. GW says that downtown is a state of mind and is no longer a geographical point of reference. The people on Wayne's "Downtown 100" list embody the essence, spirit and creative energy that we all associate with "Downtown" and New York City. 

Photo via Downtown100.com

The 2019 edition of George Wayne's "Downtown 100"

Photo via Downtown100.com

Jonathan Valdez of Orange Juice and Biscuits listed in the 2019 edition of George Wayne's "Downtown 100"

Thanks again to George Wayne for including me in this year's list! I am beyond words to be a part of a 25 year legacy that has named the best and brightest in Downtown NYC!

Photo via Instagram- @JonathanRValdez

George Wayne, Jonathan Valdez of OJ&B and Betsy Jones who is also on the 2019 Edition of the "Downtown 100" list having a fabulous dinner at Downtown NYC hotspot Gitano's The Jungle Room earlier this year 

For more information on George Wayne's Downtown 100 click here.
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