5 Questions With The Lost Souls Of Dating Podcast

Photo courtesy of The Lost Souls of Dating podcast WEEZA.W. and Ashley Locke of The Lost Souls of Dating podcast It seems safe to...

Photo courtesy of The Lost Souls of Dating podcast

WEEZA.W. and Ashley Locke of The Lost Souls of Dating podcast

It seems safe to say that dating has always been difficult but dating in the digital age seems as close to impossible as you can get! 

Take it from Los Angeles based ladies Ashley Locke and WEEZA.W. who have had some trouble in the relationship department and decided to share their struggles for the world to hear via a podcast called The Lost Souls of Dating.

Through this journey of sharing their dating experiences the podcast hosts are hoping to find the men that are the right match for them and even grow closer to themselves along the way. The ladies hope that if you follow along that maybe you'll learn a few things along the way, even if it's what not to do!

I am so thrilled that OJ&B had the chance to speak with WEEZA.W. and Ashley Locke about there fabulous podcast The Lost Souls of Dating as they get ready to launch season 2 and a brand new website on Thursday, March 21st. 

Check out their exclusive interview below to find out how they met, if any of their dates have recognized them from the podcast, if they feel dating apps or meeting in real life is better, what they have learned along the way and more! 

Logo courtesy of The Lost Souls of Dating podcast

The official logo for The Lost Souls of Dating podcast

1. How did you two ladies meet and how did you decide to start The Lost Souls Of Dating podcast?

WEEZA.W. :  Ashley and I used to work together.  After I left the company we always stayed in contact and would text each other with "Let's go out!" "Let's meet boyfriends!" but we never did shit. So one day while we will bullshitting with each other, I said we should just write a book about how much we suck at dating. Ashley responded "let's do a podcast" I said "okay" never having listened to a podcast, lol.  But Ashley was down to do it and it just all fell into place. Mostly because Ashley is so responsible and dedicated!! She gets all the credit. I just show up stoned and then ask friends for favors.  Hahahhaa!

Ashley Locke: Weeza and I used to work together at this horrible place, but she always made being there a delight and we stayed friends after she left. We were both going through a lull in our dating lives and ended up talking about it one day, which led to the idea of a podcast. Since then, we’ve just been grinding away and trying to get it off the ground.

2. Have any dates recognized you are your voice from the podcast?

WEEZA.W.: NOPE. You think that will happen??

Ashley: My dating app bios mention that I have a podcast, so some of the guys I match with will listen. Nothing ever happens with them though. I think they get a bit intimidated by the fact that I might bring them up on the podcast.

Photo courtesy of The Lost Souls of Dating podcast

WEEZA.W. and Ashley Locke of The Lost Souls of Dating podcast

3. What is better? Dating apps or finding dates in real life?

WEEZA.W.: My preference is IRL but that never happens cuz I don't like going out. I am changing that mentality and making more of an effort. Only positive vibes all around me please.

Ashley: Don’t they both suck? Ideally, I’d hope to find someone in real life, but that doesn’t seem to be as easy as they make it out to be in the movies. Apps are nice though, especially when you’re as busy as WEEZA and I are, because they essentially bring people too you. Too bad most of the guys on there are just looking for a hookup.

4. What is the biggest lesson learned via Season 1 and what can listeners expect in season 2?

WEEZA.W.: If you want to find your partner in life then ya gotta be about it.  You need to put yourself out there. You aren’t going to find your lifelong best friend by not going out or trying.  Last season I was dwelling on the past and dealing with a younger dude. This season I blocked communication with the men that I had false hopes for and I am only dating men that are a proper age.

Ashley: As Weeza said, I’ve learned to put myself out there more. I’ve also learned to ask for what I want. I tend to just go with the flow too much in relationships, which never ends well for me. Now, I’m more upfront about what I’m looking for in a relationship. Season two will hopefully be more about us venturing out of our comfort zones and actually dating. We didn’t do much of that last season, but we’re already starting off on the right foot with this season.

Photo courtesy of The Lost Souls of Dating podcast

WEEZA.W. and Ashley Locke of The Lost Souls of Dating podcast

5. What do you hope to achieve with The Lost Souls of Dating podcast?

WEEZA.W.: I’m selfish AF, I’m doing all this for myself.  I want to find a man/partner/lifelong bestie and start something real.  Something that leads to love, family, supporting each other, the good and the bad. All that shit. This podcast has really helped me personally. I know that I have to change some of my ways, put myself out there, keep a positive attitude and have open communication about what I want. I also want to make some $$$’s so I can do this full time!!

Ashley: I want to help other people feel comfortable dating and putting themselves out there. I really do suck at dating, mainly because I let my anxiety get in the way. So I hope that our listeners learn to push all the negativity aside and find what works for them. Life really does begin where your comfort zone ends. Through this podcast, I’ve become closer with myself and have been able to foster a much more positive relationship with me. I hope our listeners can do the same. The best relationship you’ll have is with yourself, so you better treat yourself kindly.

Bonus: Who is your celebrity dream date?!

WEEZA.W.: Quincey (I don’t know his last name) from Star.  Once I found out he was over 26 I was like ‘YAAASSSSS!!!’  I’m so into it/him. His smile melts me. I just love them pretty.  Ayyyeeeeee!!

Ashley: Josh Hartnett! I have been in love with this man since I first saw him in Pearl Harbor, which is a terrible movie, but he is hot as fuck in it. Definitely a good source of masturbation material, if I do say so myself.

Photo via The Lost Souls of Dating Instagram account

An example of an episode of The Lost Souls of Dating podcast

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