"Podcast" with Cooper Cherry Talks Kylie Jenner's Forbes Moment, 2000's Pop Culture & More with Jonathan Valdez of OJ&B

Photos via Orange Juice and Biscuits Cooper Cherry Speaks to Jonathan Valdez of Orange Juice and Biscuits on "Podcast" with...

Photos via Orange Juice and Biscuits

Cooper Cherry Speaks to Jonathan Valdez of Orange Juice and Biscuits on "Podcast" with Cooper Cherry

When my dear friend from Texas Cooper Cherry asked me to be a guest on his podcast, "Podcast" with Cooper Cherry I said yes without even thinking about it!  Cooper was in NYC to see the Radiohead concert at Madison Square Garden and we jumped at the chance to finally record an episode of "Podcast."

Now my friends and readers know that I love me a fresh and new hot topic and it just so happened that right before Cooper came to NYC, Kylie Jenner's now infamous Forbes cover came out declaring that at just 21 years old, the reality and social media star was on her way to becoming the youngest self-made billionaire.  The word "self-made" really shook a lot of people (including Cooper) and started a huge dialogue of what it really means to be "self-made."

Photo via Forbes.com

The August 31st cover of Forbes Magazine declaring that Kylie Jenner was set to be the youngest self-made billionaire at 21 years old

In the below episode of "Podcast" with Cooper Cherry, Cooper and I talk about how I think the Kardashians got to where they are today (insert a juicy talk about Paris Hilton and my Paris Conspiracy theory), why I love Kris Jenner, what it means to be truly "self-made," 2000's pop culture and of course the origins and history of Orange Juice and Biscuits (I talk about my infamous first red carpet interview with the stars of 'I Love You, Man' at SXSW 2009)!

Be sure to listen to my episode of "Podcast" with Cooper Cherry below (or on iTunes) and let me know what you think about Kylie and any other topics we discuss in the comments below or via social media!

"Podcast" with Cooper Cherry started in the wake of the 2016 election when Cooper saw a void in the media landscape in terms of a critical, skeptical leftist perspective. The show is intended to be something of a Joe Rogan experience for leftists.  Cherry feels that Trump is merely a symptom of a much larger systematic defect in our culture and society and with "Podcast" he attempts to diagnose the underlying pathology of "a world gone mad."

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