5 Questions With Actor/Comedian/Instagram Sensation Johnny Sibilly

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Actor, Comedian and Instagram Sensation Johnny Sibilly

In a world where Instagram is filled with people whose specialties include going to the gym and taking their tops off, it is refreshing to find, follow and support people that truly have talent. Johnny Sibilly is one of those people! 

One of the first of Johnny's characters that I stumbled upon a year or so ago was the bubbly and always optimistic Megan who can never seem to get a date and is all too often "that girl" in many situations.  I was instantly hooked and have since then become obsessed with his other characters like Julissa and most recently Ina, a sharp-tounged editrix who has no qualms about letting millennial know that their "brand" is basic and anything but "iconic."

After seeing Johnny come out of a bar once and being too shy to say hello, then actually meeting him during New York Fashion Week: Men in July, I caught up with the Instagram sensation for OJ&B's "5 Questions With."

Find out what lead Johnny to acting and comedy, when he first noticed his Instagram was blowing up, why he thinks its important to be vocal about social issues and what Ina herself would say to OJ&B's readers below!

Photo Courtesy of Johnny Sibilly

Johnny Sibilly at the Bravo TV Clubhouse

1. What lead you to acting and comedy?

Johnny Sibilly: I was watching the Hollywood Reporter Round-tables the other day and they always ask the artists "What did you want to be at 5 or 10 years old". My answer would be an actor. I've never wanted to do anything else. I remember pointing at the screen and telling my mom. I want to do what they're doing. As far as comedy is concerned I don't really know where that came from. I've always been a huge fan of comedians and what they do but even to this day I don't consider myself a comedian. It's more of a respect thing like "They're so amazing, I can only wish to be that funny" Haha. 

Photo Credit: Daniel Seung Lee

Johnny Sibilly

2. When did you first notice that what you were doing on Instagram (which is where I discovered you) was really working?

Johnny Sibilly: For me I felt like it started working probably after I did the "Drunk Girls at Gay Bars" video and it got 1million hits in two days. I was like WHOA! I never really set out to do videos on Instagram to go viral or anything like that. I remember having several talks with my acting coach and mentor Brad Calcaterra where he would lovingly call me out saying, "Why don't you post your talent instead of your looks?" At first I was in denial but then I took it on as a challenge for myself.

Photo Credit: Daniel Seung Lee

Johnny Sibilly

Photo Credit: Edwin Pabon

Johnny Sibilly 

3. Who or what inspires your characters and which one is your all time favorite?

Johnny Sibilly: Many of my characters are inspired by people I've met and learned from. They're not anyone in particular per se but they're certainly bits and pieces of people I've known over the years. Mostly though, these characters are an extension of me. They exaggerate the person I truly am. Megan is the "means well, wanting love" aspect of me while Julissa and Ina are the "no nonsense, strong" aspects of my being. All the other characters I do are also extensions of me or people I know. I don't have an ultimate favorite. Megan is fun to watch for me, Julissa is fun to DO, and Ina is challenging, and I love a challenge.

Photo via Johnny Sibilly's Instagram

Johnny Sibilly as Megan in his viral Instagram video, "Straight Girls at Gay Bars"

4. You are often vocal about various issues withing the LGBTQIA community. Why do you think it is important to not only entertain but also speak out about issues specifically within this community? 

Johnny Sibilly: I think most of my life has been a repression of feelings and thoughts about how I identified and where I fit in the world. I never wanted to claim the community for fear of being labelled or rejected. I stayed silent for years as a kid and teenager while people bullied, and I just sort of sat there and took it. I vowed to myself a year ago that I'd never stay silent about issues that were close to my heart and important to me. I always wished growing up that I had someone to look up to and make me feel better about that part of me. I had plenty of love but never someone I could find that said "this part of you is special and it's important."

Photo Credit: Levi Foster

Johnny Sibilly

5. Can Ina drop some wisdom on my millennial readers and is Megan ever going to find true love?

Johnny Sibilly: I think if Ina were speaking to millennial readers she'd tell them to not take themselves so seriously because NO ONE ELSE DOES! Haha. I believe Megan has a chance to find love. I think I'd love to explore the idea of what would happen if she did find that "love" and what ensues after that.

Photo via Johnny Sibilly's Instagram

Johnny Sibilly as Ina, one of his many hilarious characters that can be found on his Instagram account 

Bonus Question: What celebrity would you want to have brunch with?

Johnny Sibilly: This is going to sound super typical but I don't care. I'd love to have brunch with Jennifer Lopez. I am so obsessed and in awe of her work ethic and tenacity. She is career goals DOWN. I also would love to get inside her brain as a hispanic actor and entertainer and ask so many questions about what that means to her and how she's navigated this world owning that.

Photo Credit: Keith Edwards

Johnny Sibilly

For more information about Johnny Sibilly follow him on Instagram via @JohnnySibilly

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