Jonathan Valdez of OJ&B Makes Listicle As 1 of 14 Brawn Models on Instagram

Jonathan Valdez of Orange Juice and Biscuits made a listicle as one of 14 Brawn Model/Instagrammers changing the fashion game This ...

Jonathan Valdez of Orange Juice and Biscuits made a listicle as one of 14 Brawn Model/Instagrammers changing the fashion game

This past Friday, August 11th, I was wrapping up a full day slash week when I got a huge surprise!  As I was about to shut off my computer and head to my friend's house a notification came up on my Facebook from the lovely Laurel Dickman of Ravishly.com.  She had included me in her list of 14 Instagrammers who are showing that "the #brawn model is changing the face and frame of fashion."

I was so thrilled when I discovered that Laurel and Ravishly.com had included me!  As someone who is obviously a bigger guy (I am 6' 2" and not the size of an Olsen, though in my head I sometimes think/feel that I am) it if often hard to find cute clothes that also fit.  Fortunately this issue is starting to shrink a bit as certain brands are starting to see the need and profitability of plus-size people who also want to look cute and on trend. Just because people are not a standard size does not mean they also want to look busted and boring!

Being someone who has an eye and flair for fashion and style, I have always had to HUNT through the racks at stores to try to find cute stuff in my size.  It is possible to do but unfortunately it is a lot more work for me than let's say for the people who wear mediums (why are there always so many mediums y'all?!).  I could not even begin to tell you the countless amount of times that I have went into store upon store ready to spend money and walked away disappointed because they had NOTHING in my size. 

The story goes like this: You decide you need to update your wardrobe or you need something for an upcoming occasion so you head out to the stores (I am a bit old school in that I still like to shop in stores). You walk in and see all the cute stuff and in your head you think it will be quick cause you already saw like 9 outfits that would work. Then you start to look... Small, Small, Small, EXTRA SMALL, Medium, Medium (900 mediums), 2 larges and maybe 2 extra larges that are really a mislabeled large.  Often times you leave feeling defeated and even worse, with no cute outfit for your event!  This even happens to me with shoes.  Most of the time the cute shoes at the clothing stores only go up to a size 10 or 11 for men. I am always like, "Hello, I wear a size 13! Please get into it!!"

Although finding clothes that fit me has been a struggle I have also turned it into a bit of a game.  When I do leave a store with something that fits and is cute I always feel like I have won that week's Project Runway and/or RuPaul's Drag Race Challenge. Although it is funny, I really shouldn't have to feel this way when shopping.  I love posting Outfit of the Day photos or "OOTD" photos on Instagram because I like to show off my cute outfits (everyone is a big like Kim K, right?) but I also hope to inspire others so that they can get their cute outfit on too! It always makes me happen when people private message me with fashion questions or to ask about my outfits.  Hopefully this newly highlighted movement with woman and now men will continue to change the conversation and retail store's minds about the sizes they carry. 

Thank you so much again to Ravishly.com and Laurel Dickman for including me.  As someone who has taken pride in his wardrobe for years, this certainly means a lot! Congrats to all of the other guys who made the list as well! Keep doing your thing y'all!

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