5 Questions With Montgomery Frazier "The Image Guru"

Photo credit: Ike Ude for The Chic Index Montgomery Frazier "The Image Guru" I first met Montgomery Frazier out and ab...

Photo credit: Ike Ude for The Chic Index

Montgomery Frazier "The Image Guru"

I first met Montgomery Frazier out and about one night a few years ago in New York City and was instantly drawn to his dashing sense of style, electrifying energy and his sharp, witty sense of humor.  I continued to see him out at various events and every single time he killed it with his ensembles!  Montgomery quickly became one of my favorite people in NYC.  When I started my "5 Questions With" series again this year I knew I had to interview him.  Montgomery has experienced so many different phases of New York City and has an amazing story for each one of them.

Check out what this "Image Guru has to say about his MTV days, clubbing and working with the Club Kids, politics, fashion, his BFF's Downtown Julie brown and Camille Grammer and so much more below! 

1. When did your interest in style and fashion begin and how did you get started with your career?

Montgomery: As a precocious child growing up in an Air Force family in the Southwest, I always had an affinity for style way beyond my years. My style incarnations have always depended on my moods and who or what I was particularly influenced by at that time in my life.  Fashion has had very little influence on my life, although as the former Fashion Director of MTV, it was my job to discover and highlight any fashion trends or designers that were new, fresh, musical, rock-roll, hip hop etc.. I actually created the opportunity to feature then unknown designers like Dolce & Gabbana, Stephen Sprouse, Vivienne Westwood, Pat Field, Emporio Armani and Chrome Hearts among others.  This was done on an internationally syndicated dance show called Club MTV where my muse was a MTV British VJ named Downtown Julie Brown who became the DIVA OF MTV.  Every day was like a musical holiday of the who's who as guests like Madonna, Duran Duran, Cyndi Lauper, Whitney Houston, Boy George, George Michael and Michael Jackson would drop into the MTV Studios.  I've always viewed life differently, not like herded sheep that was told what to wear and when to wear it, which is why I would NEVER have fit in at Vogue or any other Conde Nast "fashion" publication, and trust me, I was asked to interview for them several times, haha! Let's just put it this way, I've always been ahead of the game and have danced to the beat of my own drum, injecting aspects of fashions that WORK FOR ME AND MY CLIENTS, NOT VICE A VERSA which is why I'm drawn to the "originals" who lead, not follow.

Photo courtesy of Montgomery Frazier

Montgomery Frazier and Mary J. Blige

2. You were in New York during the the peak of nightlife and Club Kids.  What was that energy like and do you think it has changed for better or worse?

Montgomery: THE ENERGY AT THAT TIME WAS LITERALLY FABULOSITY FANTASTIC. A PERSONIFICATION OF SURREALITY AND HYPER CREATIVITY.  After my 8 year stint at MTV, I was tapped to work for a totally irreverent and super subculture "scene-zine" publication named Project X where I was their Fashion Director.  I witnessed a bright, incandescent, and extremely futuristically creative group of innovators called "The Club Kids," which was the group of freaks and fabulettes that Project X reported on.  Led by super "party monsters" and promoters like the gorgeous and glamorous, Russian Editrix-in Chief, Julie Jewels, our scribe in tow, James St James, who actually penned the book 'Party Monster' later becoming the movie after its name starring Macauley Culkin and of course, the "Peter Pan" version of the Marquis de Sade himself, Michael Alig.  YES, it has all changed, there are no new originals anymore that I see, merely copycats of a fabulous, drug crazed, creative era gone by, when "outlaw parties" ruled and drink tickets were like gold for those who "served" it.  I really don't hang out in nightclubs anymore.  I think the closest club entity we have now to those times is Susanne Bartsch.  At that time, I was able to spotlight and feature new and upcoming fashion talent like Alexander McQueen, Thierry Mugler, John Galiano and all kinds of creative wunderkinds both in music, arts and entertainment.  This scene, I will go on record, spawned the deliciously divine Lady Gaga.

Photo courtesy of Montgomery Frazier

An Instagram selfie of Montgomery Frazier showcasing his bright, bold and fabulous style 

3. You also like to keep up with politics. Why is it important for you to not just keep up with the fashion world?

Montgomery: Well, to be quite frank, fashion can be so rigid, so transparent, so disloyal and that old adage of "the Emperor's New Clothes" certainly applies to many and the sometimes mundane mediocrity of the few who dictate fashion.  Now politics, well that's my new form of expression because I realized early on that politics is today's entertainment and it's so paramount to our lives as it is an aspect of living in this world that affects our species on a daily basis whether we choose to acknowledge it or not.  In fact, one of my proudest accomplishments in the last decade was being tapped by the DNC for the re-elections of President Obama.  As a "social media influencer" I've helped to spread the TRUTH, NOT POLITICAL PROPAGANDA on both sides of the political arenas on every major cultural, political, environmental issue that concerns us all, or at least should concern us all.  I'm very passionate about who and what I do today, that's who I am, that's what "The Image Guru" is all about today!  People seem to be reacting very positively, yet I'm very selective on my social media networks.  I don't want 10 million followers, because chances are 9 million of those will be text & tweet junkies or morons with no minds who make comments like "you suck."  Not exactly mind expanding to me so if you're one of the lucky ones to be accepted onto my networks then consider yourself a "giver" to society, a "thinker," a kind person who might disagree, but someone who "ENGAGES IN LIFE" positively and not merely just a taker of space with venomous hate.  I do call a spade a spade...so watch out, 'cuz this Scottish, Spanish, Mexican bitch don't take no shit from anybody and I will cut you! Do you hear that Herr Trump?  Haha!

Photo courtesy of Montgomery Frazier
Montogmery Frazier and Sonja Morgan

4. Tell me about some of your current projects you are working on.

Montgomery: I'm styling and appearing in a high styled indie movie called "Nick & Nicky' that is a "gay rendition" of the Nick & Nora 'Thin Man' series of the 1930's, which starred Myrna Loy and William Powell, with one of my "fave" actresses from "Blade Runner', Sean Young, and a great ensemble cast including Patrick Askin and Ian Whitt.  Then I will be working in LA styling a new reality show for the WE Network with singer Taylor Dayne and Downtown Julie Brown, two of my friends and muses from the 80's and 90's MTV days.  I've also been a recurring guest on Sonja Morgan's 'Sonja In The City' CBS Podcast and I'm in talks with Producer Greg Sullivan about doing my own podcast for his Queens based entertainment company.  In September it's Fashion Week and in October I'll be going to Washington to participate in Camille Grammer's "Foundation for Women's Cancer" Walkathon where I'm in the process of coordinating a fashion event in conjunction with their weekend's fundraising festivities.  In between all these projects, I act as Creative Director and Stylist for numerous fashion editorials for various clients in the fashion, beauty, and celebrity arenas. I'm sure I've forgotten some projects, because I don't have a manager, an agent, or a publicist... I do it all myself.  Always have, always will.  I do have a social media coach named Barbara Barna because to be quite honest, those are some of the professional services I perform for many of my clients, hence "The Image Guru" and not just a "stylist."

Photo courtesy of Montgomery Frazier

Camille Grammer (long time friend of Montgomery), Kris Jenner and Montgomery Frazier

5. What item must be in every man's wardrobe?

Montgomery: Great shoes! You can always tell a man of distinction from his shoes... Oh, and some great neckerchiefs, not ties, but neckerchiefs.

Bonus Question: Name one celebrity you are just itching to help look better. 

Montgomery: Meryl Streep because unfortunately to me it's always hit or miss with her.  I admire and respect her to no avail, but she is not consistent in her fashion, fabulous quotient. Sometimes she's amazingly Meryl, stellar in every way, and sometimes she looks frumpy, not befitting the Oscar worthy actress of her immense stature.  Oh, and I'd like to get a hold of the Tony's for a lifetime.  I thought the folks at Vogue bumped it up a few notches, but considering the access they have to the best of the best in the fashion world, this year's Tony nominees still looked like the "poor relations" to the Academy Awards' fashion star power.

Photo courtesy of Montgomery Frazier

Montgomery Frazier slaying with his trademark dapper fashion.  Notice the neckerchief proving that Montgomery practices what he preaches

For more information about Montgomery Frazier visit MontgomeryFrazier.com

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