John Varvatos Fall/Winter 2015

A model walks the runway at John Varvatos' Fall/Winter fashion show in Milan, Italy When it comes to elevated menswear, designe...

A model walks the runway at John Varvatos' Fall/Winter fashion show in Milan, Italy

When it comes to elevated menswear, designer John Varvatos never disappoints.  I have been a longtime fan of Mr. Varvatos because he takes everyday menswear pieces and turns them into brilliant, must have items.  “A Dandy in New York,” is how John Varvatos describes his Fall/Winter 2015 men’s collection.

“I was inspired by Bob Dylan in the Sixties." The rock 'n roll influenced Varvatos states. "His influence went beyond his music and reached a stylish and timeless elegance. Dylan could be any cool young guy today in the iconic Richard Avedon photo, walking with a contemporary awareness of style and ease. The Poet’s Walk in New York’s Central Park is the ideal scenario for this collection, created for the guy who wants to dress up, mixing rocker chic wardrobe pieces and elements of a masculine and utilitarian aesthetic.  The result is a unique and evergreen figure, characterized by details and accents that become synonymous with a sophisticated, yet casual concept of cool elegance. A well-defined silhouette, simultaneously perfect and comfortable with soft and intense fabrics, refined colors and precious and energetic accessories, draws a perfect and constantly flawless figure.”

Obsessed slash NEED this weekend bag!

I love how John Varvatos finds a way to showcase a dandy with a bit of edge.  I have always loved that style.  His esthetic of doing thinks like making a blazer out of fun and funky patterns or putting simple yet amazing embellishments on a jacket.  I truly speak to me.  The leopard printed weekend bags are chic c'est la vie! JV always does the best men's bags, shoes an accessories! 

Tailoring is also something that always seems to be on point in a John Varvatos collection.  The clothes always fit the models very well and never seem too tight.  There is nothing worse than seeing even the fittest, most attractive person in clothes that look like they were spray painted on.  If you really want to catch people's eye the correct way, then you need to tailor you clothes and make sure that the fit; not too baggy, not too loose.  It really makes a huge difference (thanks for teaching me this many years ago Stacy London and Clinton Kelly)! 

I love these driving gloves with the cut off finger tips! 

I also love the nod to old fashion formal wear that was shown with the top hats.  I love a good top hat moment in fashion.  I think it is important for designers to show and remind men of the history of looking great.  Gentleman, the goal is that you take these runway looks that might feel a bit kooky to you and use them as inspiration in your personal wardrobe. 

Let's take a look at a few more of my fave looks for Fall/Winter 2015!

You can see the 2015 Pantone Color of the Year, Marsala (a wine red), used in these too looks.

P.S. isn't Marsla just the 2015 version of 2012's Ox Blood?  Isn't all just a fancy way of saying maroon?  Gotta love fashion! 


John Varvatos is an amazing brand for men who are wanting to upgrade and elevate their style.  Men can look modern and fashion forward while still feeling manly and confident.  Don't forget the John Varvatos line of fragrances that smell sexy and manly all at the same time.

Now what's a guy gotta do to get a leopard weekend bag and a pair of those moto gloves?! 
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