That Time OJ&B's Jonathan Valdez Interviewed Meghan Trainor Before Everyone Was 'All About That Bass'

Jonathan Valdez of Orange Juice and Biscuits Interviews 2014 Breakout Star Meghan Trainor in the Summer of 2014 Back in May of th...

Jonathan Valdez of Orange Juice and Biscuits Interviews 2014 Breakout Star Meghan Trainor in the Summer of 2014

Back in May of this year I was asked by YRB Magazine to interview a few up and coming artists that were freshly signed to major labels for their Radar section. YRB's Radar section is know for interviewing up and coming talent before they explode into what seems to be overnight sensations.  I was thrilled for the opportunity as it let me get back to my radio roots and interview people on the rise!

For the Radar section of YRB, I had the honor of interviewing people like the amazing Vine and internet sensation, Us the Duo, and 'The Big Bang' songbird Katy Tiz.  I was so pumped to be discovering amazing new music but the icing on the cake had to have been when it came time to interview Meghan Trainor

Meghan's publicist sent me her bio and press kit and then a link to a password protected private video.  The video happened to be the not yet released (or seen by the public) official video to Meghan's now smash mega hit 'All About that Bass.'  As soon as the first few seconds of the video started to play and I heard the now iconic line, "Because you know I'm all about that bass, bout that bass, no treble," I was hooked!  I knew that this song was going to be a monster hit and it was so hard not to share it with everyone I knew on social media.  I even wrote in the article, "The song is quite catchy and is destined to do well once the public gets its ears on it."  I was beyond correct!

Slowly but surely the summer passed and I began to hear the song everywhere.  I was so thrilled and excited that I was able to interview Meghan at the beginning of her rapid climb to success (when I interviewed her in May she had just signed her record deal with Epic in February)!

Now the sensational songstress is up for two Grammy's for "Song of the Year" and "Record of the Year."  She can also be seen on Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest on ABC on December 31, 2014 ringing in the new year!  

Check out my interview with Meghan Trainor for YRB Magazine below!  

RADAR: Meghan Trainor by Jonathan Valdez

Thousands of teenagers have a job while going to high school but not many land a deal writing songs with Nashville music publishing company Big Yellow Dog. Megan Trainor was fortunate enough to land this amazing gig and also write songs for everyone from Grammy-winning country superstars Rascal Flatts to reggae/rock/ R&B group Common Kings. “As a songwriter, I can create music that reaches so many different audiences,” Trainor says. “Sabrina Carpenter, teen actress/singer starring in “Girl Meets World” has one of my songs as the title track to her new EP, “Can’t Blame a Girl For Trying”; Reggae band, Common Kings has many of my songs on their current EP and their upcoming album; and country stars, Rascal Flatts has two of my songs on their latest album.”
Meghan always knew that she wanted to not just write songs but sing them as well. Her dreams would become reality during a routine writing trip to LA. “I went there with no idea that I would be coming home that week with meetings set up in Nashville to sign my recording contract,” says the singer/songwriter. “It all happened so fast and it has been an awesome experience so far.”
Trainor signed with Epic records in February of this year and is currently working on completing her full length album. “I feel so fortunate that LA Reid and Epic Records have given me the opportunity to also be a solo artist.” Trainor says. “When these guys told me they wanted to help me release my own album, I jumped at the chance and got started on it immediately.”
The lead single from the upcoming album, ‘All About That Bass,’ is a super playful but unapologetic self-empowerment anthem that urges girls to ignore the standard idea of beauty. “I wanted to write a fun song for the world, something that everyone could relate to,” the 20 year old states. “I thought it would be good to have a song that addresses that body image issue but has a funny approach to it.”
The song is quite catchy and is destined to do well once the public gets its ears on it.
The video, which features Trainor and a cast of people of all shapes, sizes and ages, has a fun 50’s vibe to it with a modern twist.
So just what can you expect to find on Trainor’s upcoming album? Musically, you can except to hear pop music that shows her love for 50’s, a little bit of reggae, some throwback hip hop and a timeless ballad. Lyrically Trainor says that she tells stories of honest, awkward, typical relationship moments; some love-yourself-girl- empowering songs; and even a song about drunk texting. “Basically everything that girls and women go through that they may not necessarily want to say out loud, but then they hear my songs and they say ‘that is SO me!’” Meghan says.
“I want to do it all,” says Trainor. She probably will.
Check out the interview on YRBMagazine.com by clicking here

Jonathan Valdez's Radar Feature in YRB Magazine 

Be sure to check out YRB Magazine for more or my amazing Radar interviews with breakout artists like, Us The Duo, Katy Tiz, Laurel, Moxie, New Hollow and Mali Music. 

Congrats Meghan and best of luck in 2015!!  
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