OJ&B's Britney Pilgrimage: Brunch At Park On Fremont

"Brunch without booze is just sad, late breakfast." - Park on Fremont No matter where you travel to it is always importan...

"Brunch without booze is just sad, late breakfast." - Park on Fremont

No matter where you travel to it is always important to find a hot brunch spot with the right vibe, right food and of course the right drinks!  This is especially true when you come to see Britney Spears' return to Planet Hollywood starting August 15th in her 'Piece of Me' Show or if you are in town for "Vegas Season."  

The cool thing about Britney performing in Vegas is that she is bringing a huge number of young people to Sin City.  Most people my age and younger (let's just not go younger than 21 for the following information) mostly think about the strip for food and fun, but if you want to know where the hot and sexy residents of Vegas go (they call themselves the locals), then it is definitely Downtown  Las Vegas.

Downtown Las Vegas is not what your parents might remember.  Sure, your old staples are their like the Golden Nugget and amazing vintage neon signs, but the Downtown area is swiftly becoming the must go to destination for locals and visitors in the know.  One of the restaurants that is helping rejuvenate the spirit of Downtown Las Vegas is Park on Fremont.

The front exterior of Park on Fremont in Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada

Park on Fremont livens up Downtown Las Vegas with innovative bar fare and an eclectic art collection set in a laid-back area for dining indoors and antique tables in a lush garden outdoors.  I love the inside of this place.  The decorations are fun yet inviting and create a vibe that encourages a good ol' time!  The outside is my favorite part of the venue.  It reminds me of stepping to a fun fantasy world were you might see a character from a fairytale and creates the perfect atmosphere for  a unique outdoor brunch.

A shot of the back patio area of Park on Fremont Las Vegas

Not only is the atmosphere awesome but the brunch is as well!  The food is quite tasty and the cocktails and drinks are the perfect thing to get your day going! 

French Toast

Park on Fremont is the best place to go to after a night of partying hard during "Vegas Season" or for the morning after to discuss how many times you may or may not have cried during Britney's 'Piece of Me' show.  The french toast is amazing and it will get you feeling back to normal again in no time! 

Fried Chicken & Waffle Sandwich

If you are like me and need something delicious, fried, and made of meat to make you feel yourself again, then the fried chicken and waffle sandwich is just for you.  It is the perfect plate for brunch as it is literally breakfast and lunch all in one (I will have one now please)! 

Derby Breakfast Club

Are you a pro bruncher (brunch is considered a sport in NYC)?  Need a little bit of the hair of the dog that bit you?  The Derby Breakfast Club is perfect for you! It offers you the classic Bloody Mary with a bit of breakfast.  This drink has bacon infused Old Temptation rye whiskey, Bloody Mary mix, hickory liquid smoke, crisp bacon and a half a pickled hard boiled egg. It should be called brunch in a jar! 

Pillow Talk

The Pillow Talk is a drink that I really enjoy at Park on Fremont.  It is made with Hanger One Spiced Pear Vodka, strawberries, cucumber, lemon, orange mint, simple syrup, soda, sprite and a cucumber slice.  All of those delectable things poured into one glass make the most outstanding cocktail to start brunch and the conversations about those things that need to "stay in Vegas!"


If you are a brunch purist then you are probably dying for a mimosa right about now!  Have no fear as Park on Fremont has you covered.  The staff will be sure to keep them coming as you enjoy the fabulous sun shining on you from above! 

One of my favorite pieces of neon in Las Vegas is this one in Park on Fremont's back patio.  It reads, "Fucking Beautiful." 

I cannot stress to you enough how important it is to get off the beaten path when it comes to traveling, especially to Las Vegas.  People have this certain cliche image when they think of Vegas and I can say with certainty that there is so much more than that!  I always here people talk about how they want to do something different when they go to Las Vegas and I am here to say that Downtown Vegas and Park on Fremont is the best place to start! Enjoy your adventures! 

P.S. Special thanks to Park on Fremont and Wicked Creative for having me and OJ&B over for a fabulous brunch! 
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