Black Sail By Nautica Fall/Winter 2014 Men's Collection

Model's take their final walk at the Black Sail by Nautica Fall/Winter 2014 men's collection fashion show at Mercedes-Benz Fash...

Model's take their final walk at the Black Sail by Nautica Fall/Winter 2014 men's collection fashion show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

On the second day of fashion week I had the chance to attend Black Sail by Nautica's Fall/Winter 2014 men's collection.  I have been going to Nautica's presentations for several seasons now and I am glad that they are sticking to shows in the tents especially with their Black Sail label which showcases elevated pieces that still have that Nautica feel to them.  

The Black Sail by Nautica F/W '14 collection had some amazing piece that I wanted to steal off of the runway and use for the arctic conditions that mother nature threw at all of the fashionistas this fashion week.  I could have used some of those parkas, ski pants and sometimes even the ski goggles at one point! 

Take a look at my favorite looks from the runway!

This is a fantastic look for fall!

I could have used this jacket all fashion week.  It was freezing! 

The pop of color via the metallic blue on the collar of this vest makes this outfit truly stellar.  I can totally see myself wearing this at a ski lodge (if I ever go to a ski lodge). 

Sometimes labels do things that don't make sense like put guys in shorts and have them walking shirtless for Fall/Winter collections but it is very editorial and I love seeing editorial-esque presentation on the runways! Also I would wear that amazing light blue (thats totally cerulean isn't it) all fall/winter long. 

These leather pants front he Black Sail collection are insane.  I love seeing an innovative pant for men. 

This is such a sharp and chic look for fall.  People think it is hard to look nice and stylish while keeping warm especially when it is ridiculously cold outside but this is a winning look for freezing temperatures.  I give it tens across the board! I love a big parka hood on a coat.

Again with the shorts right?  Obviously you are not going outside in the cold like this but again it is very editorial and all of the pieces work very well as separates from head to toe.  Love everything going on on the top half and the shorts are perfect for winter at the gym. 

Still obsessed with these pants!  The big sweater worn with it is done in a great dark color and it just looks nice a toasty.  I love the addition of the vest to complete the look. 

I cannot say enough about this jacket.  I am glad that they showed something for the color lovers like me.  It is the perfect pop to get you through those dreary winter days. 

This is a great look for weekend errands in the city. Everything look fitted and tailored and yet he manages to keep warm.  

These two jackets were probably my absolute fave pieces in the collection.  I love the prints on them and they just look like great quality jackets that will keep you warm.  These are great pieces to guarantee you will be toasty and stylish when that snow starts coming down. 

I want this jacket in my life.  I love how the label put giant parka hoods on regular jackets.  Sometimes you need or want that head protection without the bulk of a full on parka.  Also, I have always loved the way a hood with fur looks.  

I have been a long time fan of an oversized scarf.  The reason I love this one is because it is giant yet the color is subtle so it is not too over the top.  If you have a giant scarf there is really no reason for it to be super bright or have a lot of pattern.  Even I know that that could be way too much (Although I would probably do it anyway).  

Love this look!  The black version of this pant is my absolute favorite and this sweater with the turtle neck is so good.  Turtle necks are making a huge comeback for men in Fall/Winter '14! 

This is simple but the pop of yellow takes it to another level.  This proves that small details in your wardrobe do matter and can change the entire vibe of what you put on.  Without the pop of yellow this would be a bit boring but it is totally a winning look with it. 

Not much to say about this as you know I am a sucker for a big coat with a huge collar. 

You know I am always looking for the brunch look in the collections and this is the brunch look for Black Sail by Nautica's F/W 14.  It is casual yet sharp and that long sleeve shirt is everything. 

I love oversized cardigans.  This guy looks like he is chilling at home and binge watching some T.V.. If you are going to do that you can at least look good doing it.  I also love this cardigan for a brunch situation. 

I have been a huge fan of oversized sweater and cardigans this year and I love this cardigan.  This guy also shows men that it really and truly is ok to put away the razors and wax when it comes to chest hair.  Shaving you body is so '99/'00. 

You can't go wrong with an all white ski coat for Winter.  

Thanks so much to Black Sail by Nautica for inviting OJ&B to the show!  Holler at me about one of those amazing jackets please!
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