'Tis The Season To Be Hinting… For Gold!

#HintingSeason Image Via LoveGold 'Tis the season to be jolly… It is also the season of decorating, shopping and hinting!  How...

Image Via LoveGold

'Tis the season to be jolly… It is also the season of decorating, shopping and hinting!  How else are you supposed to get exactly what you want from the people you love if you do not drop hints every now and then? LoveGold knows that hinting season is very important.  To help with hinting LoveGold started posting on their social media photos of gilded jewelry that would make anyone smile upon opening their gifts!

I know I have shown you a plethora of gold over this past year, so to help you with your hinting, I have decided to pick some of my favorite pieces from some of my favorite posts to help you hint with confidence!  Take a look at the pieces I think you should be hinting about this year.

Lana Hoops
Photo by Jonathan Valdez

Designer Lana Bramlette is known as the "Queen of Hoops" and is a major favorite to tons of chic celebs.  Her famous hoops come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are the perfect gift for girlfriends or girls that are your friend. I'm sure that girls all over will be hinting for hoops this season! LanaJewelry.com 

Alex Woo Yellow and White Gold MLB Charms
Photo courtesy of Alex Woo

Alex Woo has been a favorite gold designer of mine for years.  Earlier this year she came out with official MLB team charms in yellow and white gold.  It is the perfect gift to hint for if you happen to be a baseball fanatic.  Alex Woo also offers amazingly cute charms from monkeys to pineapples so finding a necklace for anyone is quite possible.  Alex is also responsible for young Carrie Bradshaw's signature "C" charm necklace on the CW's "The Carrie Diaries." AlexWoo.com 

Jennifer Fisher Charms
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Fisher Jewelry

If you like you charms with a little edge then you should be hinting for Jennifer Fisher charms.  This NYC based designer offers fun and unique ways to tell your story with rocker-esque charms and accessories. JenniferFisherJewelry.com  

Gurhan 24K Yellow Gold Lip Charm and Necklace
Photo courtesy of Gurhan

If you are the type of gal that enjoys the uber feminine side of gold then you need to be hinting for Gurhan's 24K Gold Lip charm and necklace. This piece can be worn with almost anything and it is the perfect conversation starter. Gurhan.com

Zoe Chicco Rings
Photo Credit: Jonathan Valdez

Zoe Chicco brings her cool Californian vibes to her delicate and funky pieces.  Her rings and necklaces are perfect for creating a statement without going overboard.  If you like creating the ultimate "ring party" that will make others envy you then hint for Zoe Chicco. ZoeChicco.com 

Rings from Eli Halili
Photo Credit: Michael Stewart/Getty Images for Eli Halili and Vogue Gioello

Do you like your rings to pack a little more punch? If so then you should be hinting for a ring from Eli Halili.  His pieces add sophistication to any look.  How much more do I have to hint before that signet ring with the top hat is mine? EliHalili.com 

Lucifer Vir Honestus "OMG" Ring
Photo Credit: Jonathan Valdez

If you are like me than you think a good statement ring is everything! You really can't get much better that the "OMG" ring from Lucifer Vir Honestus.  I think the best way to hint that you want this ring is by cutting out a photo of it and wearing it around your house to test it out.  Lucifer-Vir-Honestus.com

Gurhan 24K Gold Statement Ring
Photo courtesy of Gurhan

When it comes to 24K yellow gold there is really nothing better than a piece of Gurhan Jewelry. This ring can be worn with anything and will obviously glam up your look.  I think a nice Instagram tagging the person you want to give this to you would work as a hint.  Gurhan.com 

Repossi Ear Cuff
Image via Net-A-Porter.com

Ear cuffs were a big trend in 2013 but I think they are really going to explode in 2014.  To hint for this Repossi ear cuff just start talking about how naked your ears are and how they really should be gilded with something fun. Net-A-Porter.com

Anthony Lent Yellow Gold Pave Diamond Skull Studs
Photo courtesy of Anthony Lent

These Anthony Lent yellow gold pave diamond skull stud earrings are perfect for showing off your edgy and tuff side.  They would look great juxtaposed with a feminine outfit.  I feel like the girl who would want these earrings does not hint as much as just says "Get these for me." AnthonyLent.com

Khai Khai Yellow Gold "Running Man" Earrings With Diamonds
Photo courtesy of Khai Khai

For the quirky gals out there Khai Khai Jewelry is going to be your jam.  You can't help but smile when you are wearing gold dinos on your ears and neck.  A good hint that you want this pair of "Running Man" earrings would be watching "Jurassic Park" and other dinosaur movies while browsing  through LoveGold.com. KhaiKhaiJewelry.com 

Photo courtesy of David Thomas X JBH

Gentleman: David Thomas X JBH

Ladies are not the only one that can throw hints during hinting season.  For all of my dapper dudes you should hint about getting some amazing gold pieces from Gentleman: David Thomas X JBH.  This is one of my favorite men's collections and it is something that every guy should have.  JasonofBH.com

Photo credit: Jonathan Valdez

Camilla Dietz Bergeron Yellow Gold Signet Ring
Photo Courtesy of Camilla Dietz Bergeron

Another thing that I have been hinting at all year is wanting a signet ring from Camilla Dietz Bergeron. The cool part about rings from Camilla is that they are all vintage so they carry amazing stories. Let me know if you need my ring size. cdbltd.com

For the best in gold be sure to check out LoveGold by going to LoveGold.com or by following on Twitter @LoveGoldLive and liking them on Facebook.com/LoveGoldLive.

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