"I Am Britney Jean" Made All My Dreams Come True!

On Sunday, December 22, 2013 E! debuted an exclusive movie event, "I Am Britney Jean."  The documentary followed internationa...

On Sunday, December 22, 2013 E! debuted an exclusive movie event, "I Am Britney Jean."  The documentary followed international pop icon Britney Spears as she prepares for the opening night of her two year Las Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood. 

I was counting down the days till this doc aired and every preview I would see left me giddy.  This was the first time Spears had done something like this since her 2008 doc "Britney: For The Record" which was actually really sad and left us with so many questions.  "I am Britney Jean" had a much lighter feel to it as Britney is in a way better place now (Thank Godney).  It reminded me of MTV's much loved and missed show "Diary" where each artist featured would say the now iconic line of "You think you know, but you have no idea.  This is the diary of…"  

The best way I could think of to talk about the doc is to breakdown what I liked in sections.  Check it out below!

Her Fame:

First of all, how healthy and GORGEOUS did she look?  It was so great to see Britney is such a good place.  One of the first things that Britney talks about is how people on the Internet can be really mean and how she tries not to listen to what people say.  I can only imagine how hard it is to be a mega celeb!  Britney also talked about how she could not leave the house for years without 20 cars following her everywhere.  Her manager Larry Rudolph (love that they still work together) talked about how Britney was one of the first celebs to really be affected by the huge media change over where A listers were constantly swarmed by paparazzi.  I am glad to see her handling everything well again.

Her Dancing:

I loved seeing her in the dance studio doing choreography! She is definitely back and it was so good to see her dancing like old Brit Brit again! In my opinion NO ONE can whip their hair like Britney can!  Some people thrash their hair and/or weaves around but Britney just makes it look effortless and super sexy.  She is the best hair whipper in the biz in my book.  Also, I love her new choreographers, The Squared Division.  They have fun dance moves and really awesome style.  

Her backup dancers are always the best.  My favorite backup dancer side story was the guy who was a former fat kid in Jr. High and wanted, more than anything, to dance for Britney…  and now he is (You wanna dance for Britney?  You better work bitch)!  You know you are dancing your ass off when you get whiplash!  Yea, that's right, Britney for actual whiplash from dance rehearsal but kept on keeping on. 

Her Work Ethic:

I am glad that it showed how hard Britney really works from no AC on the set of her 'Work Bitch' video to having final say on various elements of her show, she really does work her ass off bitch.  I did kind of feel sorry for the costume designer for the Vegas show because he looked super stressed out about getting everything done on time.  He also had to rework the opening look but that goes along with the territory of the job.  Britney talks about how it is not good to be bitch but "In this industry it is better to speak up and speak your mind" which she admits she has a problem doing sometimes.  I chalk that up to her southern upbringing.   It always makes me laugh when people say that she does not work hard or has no say in her career.  I loved that they showed her telling her director and crew of the 'Work Bitch' video that she would need to see the video playback after each take.  People who don't care about their career do not do stuff like that. 

Her Family: 

How cute was it when Britney's family is around and her super Louisiana accent comes out? I loved it! In fact my, friends and I have been saying, "Jamie Lyyynn" in a southern drawl all day.  Her Dad's duct tape obsession was hilarious and how cute were her two little boys?  It was sweet when the boys geeked out over her flying through the air.  It must be really cool and crazy to see your mom running around, bungee jumping and flying all over the stage at their age (someone needs to tell them to start writing their books now)!

Her Vegas show:

So the main point of this doc was to show her getting ready for her Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood and I have to say the set looks sick!  You basically just got to see the skeleton of everything but it reminded me so much of the huge production that was her 2001 "Dream Within A Dream tour!"  This show is suppose to be a visual representation of Britney's imagination.  I cannot wait to see the final version of the set which comes complete fire and a huge waterfall curtain that is capable of making different designs.  Britney was super excited about getting wet during the show.  I am sure it feels great after all of that sweating and dancing.  There is also a giant tree that she jumps and flies off of (I am calling it the new tree of life).  There is a Circus portion of the show which makes me super happy because that album was everything and 'Circus' just might be my favorite Jamney.  

Overall the doc got me pumped up and ready for my pilgrimage to the Las Vegas desert to see my Queen!  Great job everyone involved on the production side!  In the words of Travis Birkenstock from the hit movie "Clueless", "Two very enthusiastic thumbs up. Fine holiday fun!"
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