OJ&B Talks To Julissa Bermudez About Hosting "Stand Up & Deliver," J.Lo, Social Media, Bloggers And More!

Actress and Television Host Julissa Bermudez Photo Via Instagram I recently had the pleasure to talk to the gorgeous and sweet Jul...

Actress and Television Host Julissa Bermudez
Photo Via Instagram

I recently had the pleasure to talk to the gorgeous and sweet Julissa Bermudez who is currently hosting "Stand Up & Deliver" on NUVOtv.  In the interview Julissa talks to me about hosting "Stand Up and Deliver," why she likes social media, her thoughts on bloggers, advice on being in the spotlight and having J.Lo as a boss.

You can read the entire interview below!

Orange Juice and Biscuits: Tell me how it is working with NUVOtv.  I love the idea of the network.

Julissa Bermudez:  Honestly it is a really great opportunity.  So far it’s been amazing.  The fact that we have such a cool CCO, you know, it's Jennifer Lopez.  To even have her associated with anything that I am doing is amazing. She is a great entertainer and multifaceted superstar: it’s just an awesome opportunity.  I am really absorbing it all and taking it in and I'm just along for the ride.

OJ&B: You are hosting "Stand Up & Deliver" which is on NUVOtv. Tell me about that experience and what the show is about.

JB: "Stand Up & Deliver" for me is something different. Usually I am associated with hosting red carpet events, music countdown shows or the "Jersey Shore" reunions shows like I have done in the past.  Hosting "Stand Up & Deliver" for NUVO has really made me challenged my skills because I have to interview comedians that let it rip and are on the spot and witty.  You have to be able to keep up with them.  It has really kept me on my toes and it made me learn a lot more because you have to be so present and you have to be able to think fast and on your feet. That’s something that is a little bit of a challenge for me but I love anything that is going to give me something new to learn.  I take away something from every job and every experience and that is what I have taken away from hosting "Stand Up & Deliver" for NUVO.

OJ&B: What is you favorite part of doing the show?

JB: The fact that I get to laugh all day and that we are highlighting comedians that are on the brink and up and coming and are really going to make an impact very soon. Right now comedy is such a hot thing. I think it’s a great time for comedians.  I am having a blast getting a chance to meet them all and being able to work with them and seeing them display their talents early on. It’s great.

Promo Poster for "Stand Up & Deliver" With Julissa Bermudez and her co host Jose Sarduy 
Photo courtesy of NUVOtv

OJ&B: Would you consider yourself a funny girl?

JB: I grew up with three older brothers so I have always had to be pretty witty and spot on. Guys, they’ll throw anything at you.  My brothers are jokesters and I was always the butt of many many jokes.  The guinea pig as I like to say when you have three older brothers and you are the only girl in the household. I think I am good with being able to banter and if something throws something my way I can come up with something on the spot. I don’t know if I necessarily could stand up and deliver, no pun intended, but literally I don’t know if I’d be able to stand up and do comedy in front of a crowd. 

OJ&B: I see that you are active on social media.  How important is that to you as a personality?

JB: To be honest I have never been this girl.  It took me forever to join Twitter and then I was late when joining Instagram. I’m not the most tech savvy girl.  I will admit that.  I’m very old school.  It’s funny because I am always making fun of my parents that are very old school and still have a flip phone and barley know how to log onto the Internet.  I own that in the circle of my friends because Adrienne (Bailon) and my friend Ashley were all on me like, “You have to join Instgram.  It’s not only so much fun but it’s a great way for your fans to really connect with you.”  I think social media does give your fans and people who follow your career an insight, or a little bit more of an insight, to my life and things that I like.  I think it’s cool, and then you get to connect with fans.  You get to reunite sometimes even with people who you have not spoken to in forever.

OJ&B: I love the fact that I am interviewing you and you are on this NUVO show.  Latinos are really doing their thing right now and you are such a great role model for young girls in the Latino community.  What advice would you give to the younger generation that may want to be in the spotlight someday?

JB: Thanks! Honestly, I would tell the younger generation to be persistent, stay with it and know that you are going to have to work hard. Even though I feel that the perception, because of what the media like to glorify and highlight, sometimes does not necessarily give the youth the idea of still having to work hard. With reality stars and Internet stars and bloggers, that have become a force to be reckoned with, and are really stars in their own right.  I don’t think they understand how much work it actually takes. Blogging itself is a lot of work; you have to be so current.  There are a lot of things that you have to be able to persevere through.  Just don’t compromise your morals, your values and the things that are most important to you for an opportunity.  If it’s meant to be, it’s going to be. That is something that I had to learn along the way. I always thought to myself that I just want to be able to do a great job, have fun with it but also be able to sleep at night and know that I gave it my all and know that I am at where I am at because of my talent and hard work and not so much because of other things.

Another promo poster for Stand Up & Deliver hosted by Julissa Bermudez and Jose Sarduy
Photo courtesy of NUVOtv

OJ&B: Besides "Stand Up and Deliver," what other projects can we look for you being involved in?

JB: I am also on tour right now with Steve Madden, which is obviously a great opportunity at a multibillion-dollar company and brand.  He has been around for so long.  Women, we obviously love shoes, so being a brand ambassador for him has been a really fun opportunity and a great time. I get to go around the country to places that I would not go on my own time whether it is in middle of the country or down south.  Places that I would never think to pick up my bags and go one day.  It’s really cool.  I have had the best time touring and doing in store appearances with him (Steve Madden) and just really learning a lot from somebody that has been around for so long and has such an established brand.  Being associated with an established brand like Steve Madden is also something that makes me feel really proud. I’m going to be going to London soon and then Africa where I will be hosting some things out there. I really encourage anyone who is following right now to continue to check in on me on my Instagram or on my Twitter because that is where I update all the places that I will be.   Hopefully I will be in a city where I can hang out with a lot of the folks that read the blog!

OJ&B: Thank you so much for your time.  Hopefully I will run into you at an event sometime in the future.

JB: I hope so. You better come up to me and say hello. So nice meeting you, take care.

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Stand Up & Deliver airs every Tuesday at 10/9 Central only on NUVOtv.  For more information visit NUVOtv's website by clicking here
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