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Photo Courtesy of Gurhan I can honestly say that one of my favorite gold Jewelry designers is Gurhan Orhan.  The Turkey native'...

Photo Courtesy of Gurhan

I can honestly say that one of my favorite gold Jewelry designers is Gurhan Orhan.  The Turkey native's jewelry line has the most stunning 24K pieces that are made to stand out and make the wearer feel opulent.  Gurhan is based in NYC and is know for having amazing gold necklaces like the one in the photo above.  The jeweler also has gorgeous 24K yellow gold rings and earrings. Take a look at some of my favorite gold pieces from Gurhan!

Although Gurhan makes amazing statement pieces, the designer also makes things that you can wear everyday.  There is never the wrong time for the right piece of gold jewelry.  One of the things that I really love from Gurhan is the 24K yellow gold jewelry that has lips on it.  The lips are so much fun and they are featured on rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets.  

Photo Courtesy of Gurhan

Who does not want a kiss of gold on their finger?  The golden lips can be worn with everyday attire or they can be chic and sexy with a cocktail dress.    

Photo Courtesy of Gurhan

DVF has made lips such an iconic thing in the fashion industry.  Having gilded lips takes it to another level of fab.  This necklace would make such a cute gift. The holidays are right around the corner so start making your list and checking it twice. 

Photo Courtesy of Gurhan

For the more subtle accessories wearer.  The 24K yellow gold stud earrings are the perfect pair for you!  They are a fun way to keep you on trend as studs are so now.  

Photo Courtesy of Gurhan

For the more bold accessories wearer, this delicious square statement ring is for you.  I love the weight of Gurhan's pieces and wearing a chic chunk of 24K Yellow gold just makes you feel glam. Rings like this turn so many everyday things into editorial moments. Pushing your hair behind your ears, reapplying lipstick, grabbing your morning latte, presenting your latest project to your boss or holding hands with your Boo.  

Photo Courtesy of Gurhan

Of course you know by now that I cannot pass up a signet situation in any collection.  I just love how clean and classic they look.  This Gurhan ring is a fun take on the signet and is perfect for everyday. 

Photo Courtesy of Gurhan

Ring stacking is such a fun thing to do and it is also on trend.  This 24K yellow gold spiral ring is a fun way to play with staking.  The spiral effect also gives it a stacked feel.  The great part is that it is one less ring you have to keep track of on your adventures. It is almost like a 2 in 1. 

Photo Courtesy of Gurhan

I have been a fan of these Gurhan earrings for a while.  When I see them it reminds me of his aesthetic and brand. These are great date night earrings and can be worn classy or used to juxtapose an edgy look. 

Photo Courtesy of Gurhan

Of course we can't have a talk about amazing gold jewelry and not talk bracelets.  I still cannot get over gold chain accessories and this 24K yellow gold chain bracelet from Gurhan is everything! It would look amazing stacked or paired with a gold watch. This is one of those pieces that can transform a look.  We all need pieces like that in our jewelry roster, am I right? 

Photo Courtesy of Gurhan

We talked stacking ring and we talked a bit about staking the chain bracelet but you can never go wrong with stacking gold bangles like this Gurhan bangle.  The fun thing about bangles is that you can collect them in all shapes and sizes and put them together for a golden arm party.  Bangles can be a unique way to tell your story.  Each level in the stack holds that moment in your life when you made the purchase.  Also they never go out of style.  

I hope you has as much fun as I did digging through some of Gurhan's treasures! What is you favorite piece and how would you wear it? Let me know!

To find out more information about Gurhan visit Gurhan.com

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