Get Spooky With Gilded Ghouls This Halloween

18K Rose Gold Skull Ring With Ruby Eye and Diamonds by Atelier Minyon Photo courtesy of Atelier Minyon Halloween is coming and th...

18K Rose Gold Skull Ring With Ruby Eye and Diamonds by Atelier Minyon
Photo courtesy of Atelier Minyon

Halloween is coming and that means people are in the mood for ghosts, ghouls and scary skulls!  This is the perfect time to take a look at some amazingly creative and Halloween appropriate gold accessories that can accent your costume or simply give a nod to the spooky holiday.

Atelier Minyon and Anthony Lent are more perfect than pumpkins when it comes to Halloween.  They offer fantasy jewelry that can be worn year round yet truly shine in October.  Let's discover why! 

18K Yellow Gold Pave Diamond Spider Earrings by Anthony Lent
Photo courtesy of Anthony Lent

Creepy crawlers are among the many things that are associated with Halloween and these 18K yellow gold pave diamond spider earrings by Anthony Lent are the perfect way to celebrate Halloween.  Many  adults still play dress up and go to parties but there are also people who appreciate Halloween but may have put playing dress up behind them.  Earrings like these are the perfect way to appease your inner child while still keeping it sophisticated and sexy.

18K Yellow Gold, Moonstone, Diamonds and Freshwater Pearl Flying Bat Earrings by Anthony Lent
Photo courtesy of Anthony Lent

How adorable and awesome are these 18K yellow gold flying bat earrings from Anthony Lent? You can go to fall dinner parties and galas and still be BatGirl in these fab earrings.  If you want to be silly, you can pair these earrings with your little black dress and say that you are a bat cave.  

18K Yellow Gold Pave Diamond Skull Studs by Anthony Lent
Photo courtesy of Anthony Lent

What is Halloween with out a few skull accoutrements?  Skulls have been hot in ready to wear fashion for several seasons now but the hottest time to sport them is obviously during Halloween. There are so many versions of black garments with bones printed on them these days.  Choose your favorite pair and  add these Anthony Lent 18K yellow gold and pave diamond earrings to add an elegant twist to your costume.  You can also wear these year round to edge up any outfit!

18K Yellow Gold Dragon Earrings From Atelier Minyon
Photo courtesy of Atelier Minyon

If medieval fantasy is more your speed for Halloween then these 18K yellow gold dragon earrings from Atelier Minyon are perfect for you! These earrings would be the perfect way to make your Daenerys Targaryen "Game of Thrones" costume stand out.  You know she would just love these.

18K Yellow Gold Skull Cufflinks With Moveable Jaw and Removable daggers from Atelier Minyon
Photo courtesy of Atelier Minyon

These 18K yellow gold skull cufflinks are the perfect thing for your medieval prince counterpart. The craftsmanship on these are insane and I love the fact that the jaws are movable and that you are able to take out the daggers.  Innovative gold jewelry is always fun! All these pieces are also perfect examples of why many jewelers love working with gold.  They say that it is a great metal to mold and sculpt with.  The result is amazing gold pieces like the ones that you see in this post. 

18K Yellow Gold Skull Earrings with Diamonds and Ruby Snakes from Atelier Minyon
Photo courtesy of Atelier Minyon

I had to leave the best for last! These pair of 18K yellow gold skull earrings with diamonds and rubies from Atelier Minyon are INSANE! These would be perfection on the ears of a face that was painted like a Dia de los Muertos figurine.  The rubies really make the yellow gold pop!

18K Rose Gold Skull Ring With Black Diamonds and Ruby Snake from Atelier Minyon
Photo courtesy of Atelier Minyon

As you may know, my favorite piece of gold is a delicious statement ring.  This is why I opened and closed this post with two gold skull rings from Atelier Minyon.  The first one is hard to believe it made from rose gold but trust me it is!  It almost looks like a drawing.  This 18K rose gold skull ring with black diamonds and ruby snake from Atelier Minyon is a "killer" piece of jewelry.  There is no way that peoples heads would not turn and conversations would be sparked with this ring! 

No matter what you decide to dress up as for Halloween, I hope that you have a safe night that is full of golden memories! 

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