Seeing MBFW Crystal Clear With Lookmatic.com

Prescription sunglasses and glasses from Lookmatic.com I was so thrilled when Lookmatic.com said that they would hook me up with a fe...

Prescription sunglasses and glasses from Lookmatic.com

I was so thrilled when Lookmatic.com said that they would hook me up with a few pairs of glasses for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week! Lookmatic.com is an online company that offers amazing eyewear at realistic prices.  Their goal is to make you look like a million dollars without spending a million dollars on eyewear.  The name ‘Look’ captures the goal of enabling individuals to affordably enhance and change their personal style or look, through eyewear, and ‘matic’ has that retro-cool vibe which encapsulates much of the team’s design inspiration (you know I love retro).

I have worn glasses since the second grade and it has always been such a hassle going from eyewear store to eyewear store looking for the perfect frame.  The great thing about Lookmatic.com is that they have the latest trends and styles in eyewear and they update their looks often.  I actually thought that I had decided on the frames I wanted to order.  I thought, "these are the frames for me!"  The next week I went back to confirm my selections and I found all sorts of new styles that I did not see the week before.  I love that Lookmatic.com updates their inventory often so each time you go back it is like you are virtually "walking into" a new store.

Check me out in my Lookmatic.com glasses during MBFW below!

Wearing my Lookmatic.com Austin prescription glasses while hanging with my Boo Corri McFadden from Vh1's House of Consignment at Christian Siriano's After party during MBFW!

Relaxing in between shows on the Rooftop of the Empire Hotel for the Daily Front Row Style Session lounge during MBFW in my Lookmatic.com Ricky prescription sunglasses.

I was nervous at first to use Lookmatic.com because I have a really strong prescription and I did not want to have that "coke bottle" look walking around the tents. I received my order in about 3 days (I have waited up to 3 weeks sometimes at eyewear stores) and I instantly fell in love with my glasses and sunnies! Lookmatic.com uses hi-index lens for stronger prescription lenses.This lens comes in a 1.61 Index and is super thin with a 1.67 Index. Both come with a protective anti-scratch and anti-reflective coating.  The lenses are crystal clear and I have been able to see all of the amazing fashion this week clear as a bell!

Prescription glasses from Lookmatic.com start at $95 and vary depending on if you need hi-index lenses like me.  It is still a great value and if you are always busy, it is so nice to have your glasses delivered to your door! 

Be sure to check back with OJ&B to see more major moments in my Lookmatic.com glasses from MBFW!  For more information visit Lookmatic.com.
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