Fashion Week Peek: What I Will Be Wearing to MBFW

Pieces from Robert Graham   Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week would obviously be nothing without the clothes!  Everyone comes to see what w...

Pieces from Robert Graham
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week would obviously be nothing without the clothes!  Everyone comes to see what will come down the runway but they also come to see what the guests who march up to the tents will be wearing as well!  Because of this one must always bring their A game!  This is why I turn to Robert Graham when I get ready to go to the tents!
As I have said before, I love Robert Graham because of all of the small attention to details!  There is always something new to look at with one of his pieces yet it never looks like too much.  The clothes remind me of how I want to live my life: sophisticated but with pops of fun and never boring!  
Here is a small preview of what I will be wearing this week!

I am really excited about this because one, it's a bow tie (we all know I am obsessed with those) and two, this bow tie is a sample from Robert Graham's Spring Summer 13 and is not even produced yet!  I will be the first and only person to wear it during fashion week!
I will always be loyal to my bow ties but I am also drawn to an amazing traditional neck tie.  This knit necktie is from the S/S 13 collection and it is another tie that has not been produced yet!  The tie has vibrant pinks and turquoise and you can wear it with so many thing!  I love to mix and match with key pieces.
The look that I am loving for myself for Fall 2012 is a dress shoe with rolled up jeans.  Now I know that this has been done for a few seasons but the twist is to wear a really fun sock with your rolled up jean.  This will ad a pop of color and will show personality.  I am obsessed with Robert's "Beaker" sock (above)!  I flipped when I saw the little dapper robots.  I also love the "Magnificant" socks(below) that can be pulled of with many different looks.  Both pair are available now from Robert Graham's Fall 2012 collection!
My favorite, FAVORITE pieces from Robert Graham are his blazers and sports coat! I mean they really are everything.  You can find all sorts of blazers to mix and match for any occasion.  This season I will be wearing Robert's Eclipse sports coat.  I can imagine TONS of ways to wear this piece.  T shirts, shirts, polos, tanks, bow ties, skinny ties, no ties, necklaces.  The list goes on and on!

The detailing is really why I love Robert Graham.  Look at the surprise lining!
Be sure to stay keep coming back to OJ&B to see updates from Fashion Week and how I will wear these pieces! You can also find my Tweets with real time coverage as well as my Instagram on the right hand side of the blog!
For more information about Robert Graham and to shop click here!
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