Video: Going for Olympic Gold... It is gold right?

A screenshot of the 2012 London Olympic Gold Medal via video from  ETonline.com *WARNING: MY DORKY LOVE FOR TRIVIA IS ABOUT TO SHOW* F...

A screenshot of the 2012 London Olympic Gold Medal via video from ETonline.com

For so many athletes winning an Olympic Gold medal would be the ultimate achievement and fashion accessory in their careers.  Winning an Olympic gold medal says that you are the best and strongest at your event.  It can also mean huge endorsements and life changing opportunities for some athletes.

This past Saturday, Entertainment Tonight aired a one hour special called Going for the Gold.  The special looked at the history of the Olympic Gold Medal and discussed what the medals are actually made of.  I know that I am not the only one who has wondered if they are actually made of gold so I found this really cool!

I loved that they broke everything down and even showed actual gold medals from 1912. ET's corespondent Christina McLarty took a tour of Goldsmith's Hall and got to look at extraordinary gold pieces spanning 4,500 years.  The fact that items last that long just blows my mind! I also think it is great because gold seems to be on a huge comeback in the fashion world and you know I am all about a good gold accessory!

Here are some interesting facts about the Olympic Gold Medal:

  • The gold medals are actually 92.5 percent silver with a gold plating.
  • The last time they were made entirely of gold was 1912.
  • They are 3mm thick and 60mm in diameter.
  • They're valued at around $706.
Check out the video from ET below to find out more interesting acts about the Olympic Gold medals including how much athletes get paid by their different countries for bringing back gold.  The clip also features OJ&B's friends at the World Gold Council.  I thought it was cool because I was at the event where they filmed the interview! P.S. Be on the look out for OJ&B's top picks in Gold soon!
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