Lauren Conrad Blows The Top Off Of The Hills And Herself For May's Glamour

Photo Via Glamour.com Former MTV reality show starlet and current fashion designer slash best selling author, Lauren Conrad , goes top...

Photo Via Glamour.com
Former MTV reality show starlet and current fashion designer slash best selling author, Lauren Conrad, goes topless for the May issue of Glamour magazine and also exposes a few secrets from the set of the show that made her famous.

Conrad, who happens to be killing it on the cover of Glamour, talks about why they were always  checking their phones on The Hills and why she is no longer BFF's with some of the other girls.  She also talks about her latest book that deals with a a bad girl who loves to cause drama on her reality show (could she be talking about her nemesis Kristin Cavallari or Spencer Pratt)? 

Check out what she gabs about to Glamour below:

GLAMOUR: Your new book is about a bad girl who loves to cause drama on her reality show. Does any of that draw on your time in Hollywood?

LAUREN CONRAD: Yes, definitely. I knew people who called the paparazzi on themselves! Their point of view is “They’re going to photograph me anyway, and this way I get paid half of what they make.” I could never bring myself to do it, but it was kind of fun to write it from that point of view.

GLAMOUR: Are you able to watch other reality TV, like The Real Housewives or The Bachelor, or do you just complain to your friends, “Look how scripted that is!”

LAUREN CONRAD: I do! I’m always so bad about continuity errors, or all the little tricks they do; they cut and paste together these voiceovers. But you have to know that these poor editors have to make something out of nothing sometimes, because so much money goes into every shoot.

GLAMOUR: What’s another trick we might not know about?

LAUREN CONRAD: During shooting, the producers would send us quick text messages telling us what to talk about. They couldn’t walk through the shot, so they’d just text me, like, “Say something quick about this story line.” That’s why we were always checking our phones!

GLAMOUR: You’re awfully considerate when you talk about the crew on these shows.

LAUREN CONRAD: I was really lucky. You see the crew more than you see your friends and family. One producer, Sophia, is still one of my best friends. I think it’s funny because you’re never supposed to make eye contact with the crew during a shoot. Sometimes you want to turn to a friend and you can’t!

Let's be honest, we kinda know who she is talking about when she is saying she knew people who would call the paparazzi on themselves.  It is also funny how Lauren talks about how she spots continuity errors on reality shows seeing as continuity involving her nail polish is one of the things that tipped of viewers to the fakeness of the Hills. 

Reality shows should just be called "let's watch people get manipulated by producers" shows. Sure the producer was her friend and that maybe why she was able to come out of the show unharmed and full of success.  Others obviously were not so lucky.  It sucks how fake these shows are and the people on them are just doing what they are told by the producers (unless they are big attention hoochies which is often the case) then have to face the media and do interviews and pretend like it is not fake at all and that they were not just doing what they were told in the name of good television. 

I am happy for Lauren and all of her success.  Knowing how T.V. works and having friends who have been on reality shows really messes up your take on all of these shows as Lauren said in her interview.  If you are going to be on a reality show my advice would be to make sure you are going to be OK with doing what the producers feel will make good television and/or make sure you have a lot of say and control in the situation or you could be a victim of Frankenstein editing!

Would you be on a reality show?  Let OJ&B know in the comment section below!

To find out more and to read more excerpts from the interview click here.
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