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By: Helen Cooper, Orange Juice & Biscuits Contributing Writer The Fall TV premiere season is upon is and if you’re anything like me, y...

By: Helen Cooper, Orange Juice & Biscuits Contributing Writer

The Fall TV premiere season is upon is and if you’re anything like me, your DVR is fuller than a room of Kim Zolciak's wigs. In honor of the occasion — and OJ&B’s love of anything and everything fashion — Jonathan asked me to put together some of the hottest trends seen on the screen in the past few weeks. Take a seat and grab a bowl of popcorn while I take you through TV’s biggest style trends—and tell you how to get the looks yourself!

Sassy ‘60s:

The gorge frocks on Mad Men are getting a run for their money this season with not one, but two new 1960s-era shows. Set before the free love hippie days, these looks are all about being ladylike! Bold, pretty prints and form-flattering dresses come in both styles that offer a full skirt and more hip-hugging, belted silhouettes. But it’s not all pillbox hats and matching pumps. Look for button-up blouses and pretty peasant tops paired with classic and cuffed Levis or cigarette pants.

How to Get the Look: Seek out feminine dresses and pant/top combos with clean lines and classic colors. Achieve that perfectly coiffed look using hot rollers or a large iron. Polish the look with nude, peach or bright red lips and manicured nails.

 Black and White and Chic All Over:

This classic color combination is anything but boring! Try color blocking, incorporating stripes or polka dots or going for an all-out pattern. To keep the look from getting too boring, choose interesting fabrics, like leather and silk. And don’t be afraid to bring in a pop of color with accessories, or even contrast black with brown (a hot pairing this season).

How to Get the Look: This one is almost fail-proof, as nearly any black and white combination will work. But remember to make it interesting. Try pairing two patterns together since the color scheme is so basic, or add a bright pink lip or nail for shock value.

Let it Flow: 

Bohemian bourge is in full effect this fall, with flowing skirts and dresses all the rage both on the runway and in the stores. Go high fashion, like Minka Kelly of Charlie’s Angels did in Michael Kors, or take a more casual approach with a simple peasant skirt, tee and a floppy hat. Pair with wedges, a strappy square heel or a gladiator sandal while it’s still warm enough. And don’t forget period appropriate accessories like bags with fringe, feather earrings or vests.

How to Get the Look
: If you want to go fancy with your flow, find a non-pleated skirt and pair with a blouse or sequined tank, finishing off the look with strappy heels. Run errands in a belted pleated skirt paired with a simple tank and messy bun or chambray button-down with a pretty side-braid. Or go full-on period with a suede vest, beaded necklace and bushy brows.

 Hipster Haute:

Whether it’s piling on scarves, rocking Buddy Holly glasses or donning combat boots, for better or for worse hipster fashion has hit the mainstream. But don’t worry, you can rock the look without looking like you need to shower. Layer band tees, open-button flannel or chambray tops and leather jackets, then finish with a chunky scarf on top. Or try pretty, feminine skirt/blouse combos or summer dresses with tights and belts (and maybe a jacket and ever-present scarf) to take the look into the fall. Don’t forget lots and lots of boots, vintage heels and converses.

How to Get the Look: Shop Etsy, thrift stores and Urban Outfitters. Remember to counter every unpolished choice (huge tees or untied boots) with equally feminine and pretty ones (perfect curls or floral dresses). And remember to have fun — just because you found that vintage leather jacket from 1978 first doesn’t make you cooler than everyone else.

It’s a (Wo)man’s World:

Menswear continues its fashion dominance this season, this time taking us into dad pants territory. But don’t be scared! Front pleats and tapered legs aren’t just for the over-50 men’s department anymore. Belted pants with the legs rolled up to show off fierce heeled sandals or stacked pumps pair well with pretty blouses and tucked tees. Layer with a sharp jacket or vintage cardi and jewelry and you’re good to go.

How to Get the Look: For this trend fit is key, so try on pants until you find your perfect pair. When you’ve got them, the sky’s the limit! Incorporate the leopard trend by finding a skinny belt in the print and add a pop of color with bold nails and a bright shoe. Dress up the look with cocktail rings galore and a gold men’s watch, or keep it everyday cool with loose waves and a striped tank.
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