Stylist Cesar Gaviria Reviews Baskit Wear for OJ&B

These days the world of men's underwear can seem like a crazy and strange place. Gone are the days of the simple question, "Boxer...

These days the world of men's underwear can seem like a crazy and strange place. Gone are the days of the simple question, "Boxers or Briefs?" Now there are boxers, briefs, boxer briefs, low rise boxer briefs, trunks, snug fit, jock briefs and the list goes on and on! Not to mention an array of textures, colors and prints. The realm of men's underwear can be a scary place for ill prepared.

OJ&B has talked about women's underwear in the past (Hanky Panky anyone?) but what about the guys? There are plenty of sites out there that can show a man how to dress and that gives them advice on the latest trends, but where do you go to get advice on what goes underneath the clothes? Many men do not realize that just like women, wearing the wrong underwear can ruin an outfit.

Baggy boxers can make pants looks bunched and bulky and other types of underwear can make for a disaster by making you feel uncomfortable throughout the day. Guys also don't want anything that is going to make their business extra noticeable.

I was recently told about Baskit Wear and I thought it would be interesting to have someone that was not me review the product. I recruited my friend Cesar Gaviria who is a fashion stylist (you may have seen him on The Real Housewives of New York City styling Sonja Tremont-Morgan) to try out Baskit Wear and report back to me on how he liked them. Here are his findings:

Orange Juice & Biscuits: Did you like the Baskit Wear underwear?

Cesar Gaviria: I loved them! I was a little hesitant about them because I just love my Calvin Klein or Diesel underwear but once I tried them on they were super soft and comfortable... almost like I wasn't wearing any.

OJ&B: How did the compare to other underwear that you have worn?

CG: They were definitely much more comfortable and the materials a lot better. Even the elastic part was very soft and comfortable.

OJ&B: What was the best thing about them?

CG: The cup shape that holds everything in place. Some underwear just seems to not be designed to keep things in place but this definitely do. Also the fact that even after washing them a few times they still have that soft feeling, color and shape.

OJ&B: The worst?

CG: That I didn't get enough of them to replace my entire underwear drawer.

OJ&B: Do you recommend them?

CG: I think everyone should give them a shot! These might just be the most comfortable underwear you'll have ever worn.

OJ&B: What would you change about them?

CG: Absolutely nothing!

OJ&B: Would you buy more?

CG: Yes! I just need to find a place to buy them other than online. I like to touch and see what I'm buying.

Baskit now offers a style of underwear for every man, for every activity and day of the week; reinforcing the name as the go-to brand for stylish men everywhere and their motto, “The brand you dig through your drawer to find,” which Cesar seemed to agree with.

What brand of underwear or you (your man) most loyal to? Let us know in the comment section below!

Above: OJ&B loves orange underwear!

For more information on Baskit Wear visit them on their Facebook fan page by clicking here.
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