Lady Gaga To Fans "The Album Is Finished And It's Fing Really Good!"

An overwhelmed and tearful Lady Gaga announced to her Polish fans during her November 26, 2010 concert that her new album, Born This Way...

47108, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - Friday November 5 2010. Lady Gaga keeps her head held high as she exits through the service entrance of her London hotel. Gaga was wearing a masculine black suit with white dards paired with a white shirt underneath. The ever-busy performer is booked for a gig in Croatia tonight. Photograph: Ringo, PacificCoastNews.com

An overwhelmed and tearful Lady Gaga announced to her Polish fans during her November 26, 2010 concert that her new album, Born This Way, is finally finished!!

"I don't even know what to say...I promise to you, I'll never let you down.. The album is finished and its f***ing really good," the pop phenom said after tearing up over the love of her fans at her tour stop in Poland. "I promise to give you the greatest album of this decade just for you," Gaga declared as fans went crazy! (Click here to see the video)

Born This Way is the follow up to her major hit debut album The Fame. After winning "Video of the Year" for 'Bad Romance' at the 2010 VMA's on MTV, Lady Gaga revealed the title of the album just as she had promised to her fans. She even sang a bit of the title track, "I'm beautiful in my way, because God makes no mistakes, I'm on the right track, baby I was born this way."

With Guns a blazing for the July cover of Rolling Stone, Gaga told the magazine a bit about the name of the album. "That chorus came to me, like, I swear, I didn't even write it. I think God dropped it in my lap. And I swear to you that I'm in a place now writing music where there's this urgency to protect and take care of my fans," Gaga told Rolling Stone. Another song that is expected to be on the album is "You and I' which she has been belting at all of her concerts, even singing it on the Today Show.

I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE what Gaga has in store for all of us! I am sure that it is going to be pure magic that only Lady Gaga can deliver!

In other Gaga news, the pop star recently became an investor slash slient partner of Vince & Eddie's, an Italian eatery on the Upper West Side in New York City. Vince & Eddie's is a place where the Gaga family eats often. Her parents have become partners in the restaurant as well and it looks like I am for sure going to have to eat there ASAP! Italian food is my fave after all and maybe Gaga will come to my table to ask if everything is O.K. Then we will do a duet together and I will go on tour with her. THE END!

47853, NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Wednesday November 24, 2010. The New York Post is reporting that Lady Gaga has become a silent partner in the Italian restaurant Vince & Eddie's, located on the Upper West Side, NYC. According to Vince & Eddie's owner Peter Dee, Gaga and her family frequently visited the restaurant before she decided to invest. Photograph: Wagner Az, PacificCoastNews.com

Above: Vince and Eddie's on the Upper West Side.
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