5 Questions With Elaine Carroll Of Very Mary Kate!

The Internet just got a little bit more fab now that Very Mary Kate has returned with new episodes for season 2! Very Mary Kate is a web ...

The Internet just got a little bit more fab now that Very Mary Kate has returned with new episodes for season 2! Very Mary Kate is a web series that is the brainchild of actress, Elaine Carroll, in which she pokes fun at actress/socialite/designer/twin Mary-Kate Olsen. Recently MKO was on a bit of a vacay from her super popular web series and posted this on the Very Mary Kate website:

"OMGucci you guyz, guess what? I'm back! Sorry I've been MIA for so long. I took a vacation, and then I took a vacation from THAT vacation. It was like Inception but with vacations (and top-less)."

Elaine Carroll is from Richmond, Virginia and has a BFA in Acting from Marymount Manhattan College. She's one of the founding members of Dutch West (dutchwest.tv), a web based sketch comedy group, which produced many web series such as "Short Shorts" and "Robert DeNiro: Back in Time!". You can see her in a bunch of College Humor videos including "Dangerous Wands" and "Gritty Reboot" and as a call girl in Season 3of Mad Men. Carroll trained and performs at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York and LA.

I was lucky enough to have the very busy Elaine Carroll take part in OJ&B's "5 Questions With" series, where I have people of interest answer 5 questions. The last 2 are actually answered by Elaine Carroll's hilarious character, "Mary Kate Olsen." Let's begin!

1. How did this hilarious web series come to be?
Elaine Carroll: I started doing the impression when I first auditioned for SNL. It got a great response, but obviously I didn't get cast. I still wanted to perform the impression, and I've always loved making web videos, so I thought why not just make a web series or something.

2. What is the best part about doing the web series?
Elaine Carroll: The best part about doing "Very Mary Kate"? I guess it's probably just getting to write and produce something that makes people laugh. It's also great working with the really talented actors who round out the cast. It's also pretty amazing hearing from people all over the world who love the series. It's also great wearing a wig and pretending to be a lot wealthier than I am.

Above: Elaine Carroll as Mary Kate Olson in the web series Very Mary Kate.

3. Who are the other actors in the small cast?
Elaine Carroll: Bodyguard is played by Luke Sholl, Josh Ruben plays Philip Seymour Hoffman, Will Hines plays MK's NYU professor, Paul Downs plays Zac Efron and my cat plays Comet.

The following questions are for Carroll's Mary Kate Olsen Character :

4. MKO I totally saw you at the Jane Hotel a couple of weeks ago. Why didn't you say "hi?"
MK: I was too busy pretending to scroll through the contacts on my phone.

5. Since this is Orange Juice and Biscuits, I would love to know what you have for breakfast MK.

MK: I eat 12 dozen eggs, so I'm roughly the size of a baaaaaarge. Just kidding. I've never eaten breakfast.

Above: Elaine Carroll as MKO's sister, Ashley Olsen, in Very Mary Kate.

Special thanks to Elaine Carroll for taking time out of her busy schedule to take part in OJ&B's "5 Questions With!" Be sure to check out all the hilarious new Very Mary Kate episodes by going to VeryMaryKate.com. Do me a "favesies" and make sure you are wearing your Vera Wang snuggie when you do so cause it is starting to get brrrr!

*Would you be perfect for OJ&B's "5 Questions With" series? Do you know someone who is? Email JonRValdez@gmail.com and let me know!
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