The Cleanse Craze

It seems like everywhere you go someone is talking about cleanses. My friend could not go out with me one weekend because she was doing a bi...

It seems like everywhere you go someone is talking about cleanses. My friend could not go out with me one weekend because she was doing a big cleanse and in last months Ladies' Home Journal First Lady Michelle Obama spoke about doing one. "I was on a sort of cleanse and I was just eating vegetables," Obama told the magazine. The question on my mind and perhaps yours is, "Do these things really work?"

Designers, fashion editors, publicists and makeup artists are the latest people picking up on a new vegan food cleanse: The Joulebody Kickstart Food Cleanse designed by nutrition counselor and fitness expert Yvette Rose. Rose conducted more than three years of research while developing the Kickstart program. It is designed to be the first phase of an on-going health and nutrition regimen. “Clients love the KICKSTART Food Cleanse because they don’t have to think about what they’re eating," says Rose. "We work with a proprietary assessment tool to customize the mix of meals based on an individual’s lifestyle, health needs and mindset."

Above: Yvette Rose of the Kickstart Food Cleanse. Rose says that her clients have experience postitive results from her cleanse and that it encourages them to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Hasaan Morse of Morse Code PR says that he has experienced results himself. “ I investigated a variety of cleanses and having never done one before. I was intrigued by the KICKSTART Food Cleanse because it enabled me to eat meals instead of only drinking juices," says Morse. "Throughout the experience I never felt starved and was truly surprised by the surge in energy and mental clarity that followed."

“I have done quite a few cleanses in my life but none as impressive as The Joulebody Kickstart Food Cleanse. I am a lover of food but I always strive to be as healthy as I can be. Sometimes this is more easily said than done, as a full-time working mother of a 4-year old boy. By nature I am slim but wanted to lose a few excess pounds, which this cleanse definitely helped me to achieve," says Larissa Thomson, fashion market director at Self.

The Kickstart Food Cleanse is conveniently delivered to a client’s door with easy to follow instructions and email support throughout the process. Foods and juices come in glass containers, which maintain freshness. Among the drink blends are Berry Chia, a delicious protein enhanced electrolyte replenisher and the chlorophyll enhanced smoothies.

Would you ever try a cleanse? Have you or someone you know done one and has it worked? Let me know in the comments section, especially if you try the Kickstart Food Cleanse.

For more information on the Kickstart Food Cleanse click here.
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  1. Veggies are loaded with this great thing that keeps one full and the colon clensed, and is also know as "Fiber." There are two easy alternative options: (1)f you just modify what you eat (eat fresh fruits and veggies without all of the great processed condiments full of sodium and fat) you too can get this same clense for the normal price of groceries without glass containers that you later have to trash or get a workout carrying to the recycle center (like you have those kind of muscles)! (2) Remember that thing the doctors say you should have by the time your 40? Well go drink the "Go Lightly", have your colonoscopy, and kill two birds with one stone! After option 2 your stomach shrinks as an added bonus!



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