Is Lea A Bea? A Source Tells OJ&B An Exclusive Story!

Lea Michele (left) as Rachel Berry on Glee It is no secret that I am a HUGE Gleek ! The last couple of episodes have been amazing! The...

Lea Michele (left) as Rachel Berry on Glee

It is no secret that I am a HUGE Gleek! The last couple of episodes have been amazing! The Madonna episode was beyond words and the upcoming Gaga (or as I like to call it GlaGa) episode is going to be beyond epic! I have also been a huge fan of Lea Michele A.K.A Rachel Berry since her Spring Awakening days on Broadway but the recent rumors that she is a heinous diva are making me question my love for her.

We can start with the rumors from the actual set of Glee. It has been said that LM is getting a huge diva 'tude and that a lot of the cast is annoyed with her. There was also Lea's run in with celebrity photographer Patrick McMullan earlier this month at the Time 100 gala where she would not tell McMullan who she was and reportedly spent the entire night making out with her boyfriend and ignoring all around her like some freshman college girl at her first sorority date party. LEA I REALLY HOPE THIS IS NOT TRUE!

The most recent report of LM's divaesque behavior comes to me via an undisclosed source that was at the 2010 Fox Upfront Party in New York City on May 17th. The source tells OJ&B that Lea was with what seemed to be her publicist who told LM that she was going to have to walk into the party with just one person. LM apparently flipped out saying that she did not want to walk around the party and meet people with just one other person. The source also tells OJ&B that some of the other cast members looked like they were totally over her attitude. DON'T ACT LIKE THAT BOO!

Now this is totally just what I was told from a source that was at the party and I cannot confirm or deny any of those claims but it seems to lineup with all of the other LM reports.

Dear Lea Michele,

I hope that these people are just hating and that you are really a super sweet girl. Please do not turn into a mean girl and disappoint all of your fans that have loved you since Spring Awakening. Also if you really are a diva and we meet please check that mess to the curb because I do not play that game!

Love always,

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  1. Ryan Murphy denied Lea Michele is a diva: http://tvwatch.people.com/2010/05/17/glees-lea-michele-is-no-diva/

    Heather Morris says cast gets along great: http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/the_awful_truth/b182142_glee_star_tackles_big_three_ryan_murphy.html

    Time-Photographer at the event and Lea tweeted about incident...
    @msleamichele You are a doll and I would never curse at you. See you around! xxpat
    3:23 PM May 13th via web

    @msleamichele No need to apologize. Totally know you were playing with me, I get that all the time.
    3:23 PM May 13th via web

    So don't forget that in Hollywood (as in life) people like to make up stories-drama sells, and someone always has to be (fairly or unfairly) painted as "the diva".

  2. Your story about the upfront makes no sense. So she was ok with walking around the party but she didn't want to to walk with just one person? What does that even mean?

    These unknown sources hear bits and pieces and try to make the worse out of things.

    Is she perfect no, does she probably have her moment yes, but I think the cast truly get along, Ryan Murphy LOVES her. She hangs out with the cast off set all the times not for show purposes but becasue they are friends.

    Those who want to spread rumors by unknown sources are no better than the people you report on as being bad.

  3. I am just letting people know what I was told! At least I publish everyones comments! Also, at least I show my face and have contact info! If you are going to talk smack to me have the courage to put your name on it! HATERS!



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