David Meister Personally Shows OJ&B His Fall 2010 Line!

David Meister is an esteemed American designer known for his sophisticated, yet body conscious, women’s wear. David’s dresses, evening wear ...

David Meister is an esteemed American designer known for his sophisticated, yet body conscious, women’s wear. David’s dresses, evening wear and couture red carpet designs have been worn by Alicia Keys, Fergie, Tina Fey, Jennifer Hudson, Mariah Carey and Demi Lavato to name a few.

When I got the email asking if I wanted to check out David Meister's Fall 2010 collection in his showroom I said "Duh!" (I loves a good show room filled with pretty things!) I had no idea that David Meister's Fall 2010 collection would be shown to me by David Meister himself! It was so great to be able to speak with the actual designer one on one about his creations!

"To me it’s about making a great dress that you think will work on a lot of different people," David told me, "a lot of these dresses you don’t have to have a perfect body to wear."

Above: Beautiful dresses for Fall 2010 hang in The David Meister showroom.

I loved meeting a designer that understood that not everyone is walking around emaciated. I am so over seeing guys and gals who look like they could use a ham and cheese sandwich with extra mayo and a non diet soda on the side!

David and I also spoke about major fall/winter trends for 2010. "Sequins are huge this fall, done in so many different ways," says Meister. “Sequins aren’t going anywhere they’re huge!"

One of my favorite things in the showroom were the vibrantly colored cocktail slash dance dresses. When you have color that is beyond, you really don't need a lot of extra stuff to make a statement!

Above: Gorg! This is what you wear when you want to be classy yet sexy and still stand out. Below: This dress is perfect for a fun gala or fun birthday situation.

OKAY! Time for some celebrity DISH! Ever see a celeb on the red carpet with a way to short, "oh no she didn't" dress? I always thought that the dresses were made that short but this is NOT the case.

David and his team were talking about how some celebs take short dresses like the ones you see above and basically fold them in half. "Short is not always better," Meister laughs. "Some celebs think that it has to be crotch level to be good. It’s not good." Then Meister's team said sometimes they will see a dress and say “Oh My God! We don’t recognize it because it’s half the size it once was." Meister does admit that it is okay for some celebs when done correctly. “Some dresses it works. Sometimes I get it. Like when Fergie does it looks good. It works!" I love that we both a mutual love for Fergie.

Above: These dresses caught my eye the entire time! I just hope I didn't give any gals ideas on how to skimplify their wardrobe.

I had an amazing time talking gowns and celebs with David Meister and his team! It was a pleasure meeting him and I am looking forward to going back to see more!

P.S. David Meister's bridal line is launching in June for those ladies who are about to tie the knot and are looking for a new name in bridal.

Above: David Meister and Jonathan Valdez
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