Vince Fall 2010: OJ&B Takes a Trip to the Vince Showroom!

Sure, being front row at a fashion show during fashion week is amazing, but being asked to stop by the showroom for an exclusive look at Fal...

Sure, being front row at a fashion show during fashion week is amazing, but being asked to stop by the showroom for an exclusive look at Fall 2010 is ten times better! This means that the designer/company really wants you to have some quality time with their clothes.

I was thrilled when the lovely people at Vince asked me to stop by their showroom to see their Fall 2010 collection for women!

As we walked around the spacious showroom, overlooking Bryant Park, we began discussing how the style for Fall 2010, in many collection, seemed to have a touch of 90's to them. One of the first pieces I was shown were these great enzyme wash silk blouses.

We all agreed that it was very Cher Horowitz. "Where's my collarless white shirt from Fred Segal?!"

Another thing that I thought was great was the suede and textured leggings. I have seen all sorts of interesting leggings but I had yet to see leggings done in corduroy. Again 90's done modern. They also had a fitted cargo pant that did not look like a 90's hot mess as well as fitted chunky sweaters.

Vince also took a lot of there successful men's jackets and cardigans and altered them for their women's line. Who doesn't love a good oversized cardigan situation?

Moving onto things with modern inspiration, I saw fantastic asymmetrical sweaters that were fun and fresh.

I thought that the jackets where really awesome! I know that a lot of my female friends say that they have trouble finding cute jackets to go out in. Some would rather freeze than have to wear and ugly jacket that they don't feel good in. I think I may have solved your problem ladies. You need a jacket because pneumonia is not cute!

The first jackets are leather drape front jackets that will keep you warm and stylish at the same time!

Another option to stay toasty would be to do some layers and top them off with this cropped bomber jacket. Every gal needs a good cropped bomber situation.

The last jacket that I got to see was one that I thought was great and smart. It was Vince's Zip Off Coat.

So check it! During the colder days when you have to go to the office, you can wear the coat as seen above. When it's a bit warmer or for the weekends and cocktail hour, you just unzip the bottom and BAM! You have a cropped jacket that says, "I am hot and smart, now who wants to hold the bottom half of my jacket slash buy me a bev?"

I had such a great time at the Vince Showroom! The pieces were awesome! The thing I loved about the clothes at VINCE for Fall '10 was that although some of the pieces had 90's inspiration, they still had a modern fit.

Special thanks to Jill and David for having me and showing me around! I cannot wait to go back to see what they have going on with the men's collection! HOLLA FOR THINGS I CAN ACTUALLY WEAR!

You can check out all things Vince by clicking here.
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