NEW GAGA VIDEO: Lady Gaga and Beyonce in Telephone! SO GLAD I PICKED UP!

I was BLOWN AWAY by the brand new Lady Gaga/Beyonce video! It is so good that I had to make up a new word because there are currently words ...

I was BLOWN AWAY by the brand new Lady Gaga/Beyonce video! It is so good that I had to make up a new word because there are currently words out there for it. I think it is FAMAZING! (That is a combo of Fierce and Amazing!) To help with this post, I took some great screen shots straight from the video so let's begin.

I am assuming that Gaga landed herself in a borderline fierce slammer due to the fact that she killed some people in the past videos. Shortly after Gaga arrives in prison she goes outside for some recreation time wearing the most amazing pair of sunglasses. They are SMOKIN'! Literally!

I love them, but only for this video! Don't any of you nicahoochies even TRY this out on the streets. I hate when people walk and smoke around me. (Sorry back to GAGA!)

Lady Gaga channels her inner and outer early 90's Madonna for a fierce jailhouse dance break with her cellmates right before she gets bailed out.

Also, Gaga wears this amazing outfit made from crime scene tape. It totally reminded me of the "Anything But Clothes" a.k.a "ABC" parties from college where you had to come... well wearing anything but clothes. There was always that one girl or couple who always did the caution tape. ALWAYS!

Gaga then gets a call from Beyonce who has come to get her girl out of the big house. Gaga is wearing an amazing take on a vintage look while going to get into the one an only "Pussy Wagon" on loan from Quentin Tarantino himself! If you were getting pick up from prison that would totes be the ride of choice to go home in!

Gaga tells E! Online about Tarantino's involvement with the 'Telephone' Video and how he wanted her to use the "Pussy Wagon":

"There certainly is a Tarantino-inspired quality in the video," she says. "I mostly love the way he uses different forms to create something new. His direct involvement in the video came from him lending me the Pussy Wagon. We were having lunch one day in Los Angeles and I was telling him about my concept for the video and he loved it so much he said, 'You gotta use the Pussy Wagon.'"

Lunch in L.A. with Tarantino? NO BIG DEAL RIGHT? Ahh the life!

I love how Gaga calls Beyonce "Honey B" in this video. I think I will officially always refer to Beyonce as Honey B. I have to admit that I really was not feeling Honey B in this song at first but this video made ME LOVE HER IN IT! Watch it (if you have not already) and tell me if you see some Foxy Cleopatra in her performance.

I wont tell you everything that happens in the video in case you have yet to witness it, but I have to say that from now on I need slash want to be as crunk as Gaga EVERY SINGLE TIME I make a sandwich! SO BEYOND CRUNK! I also expect a dance number like this to happen everytime I go to Subway!

Honey B and Gaga also have a phenomenal dance break in a diner. There are so many wonderful dance scenes in this video and they all make me so happy! I love when videos have amazing dances to songs that you never really know how to dance to in the clubs.

I don't know why they look like Wonder Woman in that scene. I don't ask, I just sit back and enjoy the wonderful ride :)

So in the end Thelma and Louise 2010 take off in the "Pussy Wagon" into the sunset. I used to always talk about taking a cross country road trip in a drop top wearing big scarves and sunglasses like Thelma and Louise and/or Romy and Michelle (I'm the Mary and you're the Rhoda!) but BUMP THAT! From now on the plans will be to go across the country in the Pussy Wagon wearing this:

Quentin Tarentino 509516175701824772

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  1. Ohmylanta! That was a crazy video! I just hope we don't see lots of caution tape gagas running around this halloween!!



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