Britt Britt and Gaga: One ELLE of a Cover!

I can see no better way to start off the tweens (2010-2012) than with a Britney Spears slash Lady G...

I can see no better way to start off the tweens (2010-2012) than with a Britney Spears slash Lady Gaga dual cover! ELLE Magazine has made all of my dreams come true by putting my two absolute favorite pop stars all in the same magazine for January 2010. The dual cover is a brill idea ELLE Magazine! Notice a toned down Gaga on the left and a motherly pop sensation on the right.

2009 has been a crazy year for a lot of people! At the beginning of 2009 I HATED Gaga. Then in September I was hit with a severe case of Gagarhea and I have not been the same since!

After I came down with Gagarhea many people questioned my love for Britney. They said that Gaga was my new Britney and that I loved Gaga more than her. Well I am here to set the record straight! I still love Britney! She will always be number one in my heart, but like the ELLE magazine cover, there is room for two pop stars at a time in my life.

Now what I would LOVE to see happen from this cover is simply a song featuring both Britney and Gaga! How amazing would that be?! We all know Gaga has written some songs for Britney, but now it is time for them to record together. I am putting the idea into the Universe (just like Oprah says to do) and I will give Brit and Gags the entire year of 2010 to make this happen!

Thanks Britney and Gaga! Let me know as SOON as you record that song!
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  1. @ 46, I really appreciate her artistry. She is a very talented young lady and I look forward to her being an awesome influence how video's are works of art, that reflect her multi-faceted talents. As for the music, timeless and rockin!



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