Hallohoochies: Tricks or Treats?

Legend has it that every year around ALL Hallows' Eve, something in the air makes women across the nation.. Oh who am I kidding? It is H...

Legend has it that every year around ALL Hallows' Eve, something in the air makes women across the nation.. Oh who am I kidding? It is Halloween time and the Hallohoochies have pushed up the girls and are ready to go! They go and buy a "different" costume from last year that is just the same tired pattern and design of a low cut shirt and uber short skirt or hot pants that is just slightly different from last year. Oh and I can't forget the shoes! Thigh High boots (as seen on our witch friend in the picture. I had to draw them on her cause her legs were originally cut off. You like?) are actually in this fall. I have a feeling that a lot of women who may be intimidated by them are going to use their Halloween costumes this year as an excuse to buy them. This way they can later incorporate them in their wardrobe.

"Girl, I was a slutty turtle for Halloween and I figured I might as well wear the thigh highs I bought for the costume." I say turtle because every year I am amazed at what people take and "skimplify." Now don't get me wrong, I am ALL about women doing their thing and having fun for Halloween, But if you dress like a hoochie allllllllll year long, Imma need you to try something different! Halloween is about trying something new and being something that you aren't the rest of the 364days of the year. This goes for guys too. We all know guys can be just as slutty as any girl. Not everything needs to be shirtless OK?

First of all people, it is usually cold on the H-WEEN. So put some clothes on! Pneumonia is NOT cute or what's happening for fall/winter! Then you go to work or school and spread your germs on the rest of us. We we all get the swine because you decided to be a hoochie and show your ghoul all over the place! "Girl, Tina was a sexy koala and she had cheeks for days!"

If you do decide to show some skin, at least be Lady Gaga. That way you can be sexy and scary! If you go Gaga though, you have to go all the way. I am talking about neck brace wearing, mask having, no pants involved, thigh high sporting, blood covered GAGA! Now THAT is a costume! I wonder what she will be for Halloween? In conclusion, have fun, be safe, and tricks share your treats responsibly! HAPPY HALLOWEEN FROM JONATHAN AND OJ&B!
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  1. Though I may not be into dressing as a "skimpfied" witch, cop, nurse or turtle. I wouldn't mind a little thigh-high boot action in my life! GET IT!

  2. Craig and I were going to be Jim and Pam, haha. I voted for Rocky and Bullwinkle but lost :( I think I'd have a hard time skimpifiying either one of those but i'd sure try!!!....not. hahaha keep up the good blogs Jonathan!

  3. It's a psychological thing.

    We are much less inhibited when we are in disguise and being in disguise allows us (at least in our minds) to be less inhibited with our clothing.

  4. omg! this blog post made me literally lol in class!

    mood: slutty

  5. My defense is I have to work in my costume lol

  6. Mandy, I'm all about a good thigh high boot! Andi, I think you could skimplify all of those costumes. Check out this sexy bubble gum costume!http://tinyurl.com/yf5ya6u
    (I told yo every year I am always surprised at what people can skimp up!) Melissa, I agree but your face can still be seen. But a costume can do that, yes. Kate: mood I love you. And Erica, HAAHAHAHA WORK IT MIJA!



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