Sorry, I was in NYC!

I hope you know that there is only one thing that could keep me from my blog and that is a trip to New York City! Not only was I in the city...

I hope you know that there is only one thing that could keep me from my blog and that is a trip to New York City! Not only was I in the city, but I was in the city during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week AND the MTV Video Music Awards!! I was on celebrity overload and I loved EVERY minute of it. I promise I have tons of NYClicous posts to make it up to all of you! Let's start with the first big event of the week!
To Kick off Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2009, Vogue and the city of New York held Fashion's Night Out. In case you did not hear, fashions night out was a huge city and world wide party that encouraged people to come out, rub elbows with celebs, be fierce, and of course shop! It was the perfect start to Fashion Week. There were literally hundreds of parties going on that night but I choose to hang out with my friends, Doucette Duvall, at the Vogue Alumni House. The party was put together by Vogue Alumni who now have their own fashion lines, like my friend Annebet Duvall, who is a former assistant to the legendary Andre Leon Tally. The hosts were none other than Brad Goreski from Bravo's The Rachel Zoe Project and fashion writer Derek Blasberg. I had the chance to meet Brad at the party and he was nothing but nice! I cannot say enough good things about him.
I told Brad that I loved the show and he let me know that Taylor Jacobson, also from The Rachel Zoe Project, was stopping by a little later. I tried to act like I was not uber excited and continued to have a blast. As the night went on supermodel/actor/singer Tyson Beckford popped into the party. All I could think of for some reason was Zoolander. I loved how he walked in with a huge entourage of guys and girls. Of course I had to walk up to a couple of the 12 girls that walked in behind Tyson to tell them how fierce they were. Can you imagine if that was your job? To walk into parties with people? "Hey Girl, I have 13 parties to walk into tonight but I'll let you know if I am still up for drinks." Then I finally met Taylor and she was extremely sweet, down to earth, and beautiful in person. I have to admit that my opinion of Tay changed as soon as I met her. I can totally see her being a really good friend of mine.
So that wraps up my first night of NYC. I met a ton of amazing people at the party and had a great time. I like to think of it as a huge welcome to New York City party that was held just for me. What? It could have been, right?
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  1. No Problem! Thank you so much for reading my post. I am glad that you liked it and I hope you come back to read more!

  2. The parties do get tiresome after about seven or eight, it takes stamina and a hardy work ethic to get through a night. Oh, and lots of cocaine.



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