Don't just go back to school... ARRIVE!

That is my advice for ALL of my friends going back to school today at good ol' Texas State University. Ok, really it is my advice for AN...

That is my advice for ALL of my friends going back to school today at good ol' Texas State University. Ok, really it is my advice for ANYONE going back to school!! This is my first fall in practically my entire life that I will not be going to school!! Graduating from college does that to you. I have to say that I am not really sad about it, but I will miss certain things about the college life. It is the simple things really. Like going to your classes on the first day and walking in the room awkwardly, scoping out the sitting sitch and trying to avoid the T zone. No I am not talking about Tyra's camp for girls, I am talking about the area that is made up of the front and middle rows of desks in class. That is where all the kids who are super smart (brown nosers) sit. I will also miss dressing up for the first day of school! Now, I know in college it is ok (for some reason) to look at hot soulful mess, BUT on the first day I liked making a good first impression and looking like the bomb dot com. I always say when you look good your feel good! Oh how I will long for making fun of hoocies who can't let their booty shorts go well into winter. Remember the cardinal rule: If it's under 30 DON'T dress dirty! All the sorority and fraternity girls and dude bros wearing the rush shirts that casually, yet clearly say, "I think I am better than you," hidden in a trashy slash quirky saying. What will I do with out Study Breaks magazine featuring the latest way to make money in a kini'? Tailgates will be missed as well as laughing at the walk of shamers in the morning. No more free shirts and food every time you walk through the quad. I loved how packed the quad was on the first day with people "quadulating." Girls who woke up super early to fix their hair and makeup just to put on jammies trying to make it look like they did not try, always made me laugh. As you can see I will miss super important things that are truly valuable to one's education. Here is to a good first day! Let me know how it goes!

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  1. hahahaha man this is good reading!
    I saw that bikinis is hiring "fun, outgoing young girls"... I told the hoochie in my closet and she finally left!!

  2. i wore my B2S kini for you today.

  3. That reminds me...
    My bootie cheeks need some air, maybe I should bust out the hot shorts for class?

  4. Thanks Andi! I am glad that you gave the closet hoocie something to do so she can get her life together! Legendre: Did people like the B2S Kini? I think it sets the standard for the year! Mandy: The class room is no place for booty cheek airing. lol



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