"Jonathan, you're so chic!!" ~ Jackie Collins * Famed Novelist "Jonathan has a great sense of style and I just love hi...

"Jonathan, you're so chic!!" ~ Jackie Collins * Famed Novelist

"Jonathan has a great sense of style and I just love him!  He keeps me up to date regarding fashion, entertainment, and the luxury hotspots." ~ Sonja Morgan * Sonja Morgan New York Fashion and Jewelry * Sonja in The City Event Producer * Television Personality on The Real Housewives of New York City

"Love your Blog!" ~ CNN Showbiz

"OMG BFFL!" ~ MTV Style * New York, NY

"Love your blog btw" ~ The Standard Hotel * New York, NY

"Your blog attracts such a wonderful group of people!" ~ The Pierre Hotel * New York, NY

"Ah! Healthy portions of cocktail recipes and stylish posts. We're instant fans!" ~ Ralph Lauren's Big Pony Team * New York, NY

"Love OJ&B! Fashion, entertainment, culture... what else could you ask for??" ~ Ports 1961 * New York, NY

"LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU"~ VINCE * Global Clothing Company

"Fun blog to watch" ~ Jenn Hobby * On-air radio personality on The Bert Show at Q100 * Atlanta, GA

"Y'all need to know this bow tie-wearing southern sweetie who never ceases to inspire me with his authenticity, audacity and uncanny ability to keep up with every celebrity happening ever." ~ Michelle Joni Lapidos * MichelleJoni.com

"As an emerging superstar, Jonathan Valdez fills the pages of his blog worthwhile blog with insightful, engaging stories, caustic wit and charm. A Dandy for a new age, Valdez's elevated taste level reflects itself in the diverse but always upscale topics in which he blogs" ~ Haasan Morse * Founder of Morse Code PR * New York, NY

"OJ&B is one of the hottest blogs out there right now. It is up to date, entertaining, and Jonathan always has a fresh, clever spin on things! Definitely a must-read!" ~ Kalyn Hemphill * Actress/Model * Los Angeles, CA

"At the dawn of a new day in fashion journalism, Jonathan Valdez is giving readers the juiciest scoop on the Web." ~ T. C. Sprencel * Texas State University News Service * San Marcos, TX

"I belive any successful blog tells a story, and OJ&B does just that through the eyes of Jonathan Valdez- a hilarious, dapper young fellow who writes with such enthusiasm, he could make a 76 yr. old nun pumped about Gaga's latest video." ~ Courtney P. via The Official Schipul Blog.

"Amazing front row fashion coverage, exclusive interviews, and simply the best celebrity gossip!" ~ Sabrina Chapman * Las Vegas, NV

"Oh honey, you are hysterical minus the cynicism! Love following!!" ~ John David * Hanky Panky * New York, NY

"OJ&B has your breaking celeb news via Twitter :) Everyone should follow @JonathanValdez!" ~ Stephanie K. * New York, NY

"Jonathan Valdez speaks the God's honest truth on fashion & his blog is amazing! Follow him! " ~ Trasi K * MidwestCouture.com * New York, NY

"Follow one of the best bloggers in NYC, Jonathan Valdez." ~Desirre H. * New York, NY

"My fab and fave blogger does it right!" ~ Magda M. * Bay City, TX

"I've been reading Jonathan Valdez's blog all day. Fell asleep and dreamed he came to London and hung out with me. Super sad when I woke up." Olivia T. * London, England

"You incorporate humor with your vocabulary without distracting from the structure and purpose of the statements. so clever." ~ Carly H. * New York, NY

"Why people wouldn't read you I don't know. I've honestly never really followed a blog before. You're great! - always supportin' ya!" ~ Anthony M. * Brooklyn One Theater * Brooklyn, NY

"You have the sassiness of Perez but it's coupled with tact which he lacks. and that rules. Seriously though, I love your blog." ~ Chelsea S. * Houston, TX

"Guys, check out Jonathan Valdez and his UNREAL blog, which I CANNOT stop reading!" ~ Jill H. * New York, NY

"Hilarious! I love reading your blogs!" ~Tiffany J. * Japan

"I LOVE your tweets & the OJ&B blog! It's like your my own personal guide to the Entertainment world!" ~ Ashley T. * Austin, TX

"Uber funny. SO you." ~Natasha H. * New York, NY

"Your blog has replaced 3 other blogs for me. Now it's just you and live journal's ontd." ~ Dee * Austin, TX

"I Love OJ&B! It's my daily dose of fashion and celebrity news!" ~ Stephanie N. * Austin, TX

"Good work sir...OJ & B 4 Life!" Ricky L. * Austin, TX

"My favorite is Jonathan Valdez's blog Orange Juice & Biscuits. He's a Texas State grad who always has something entertaining to blog about!" ~ Kendall S. * San Marcos, TX

"Jonathan Valdez's blog is better than Perez!" ~ Louise A. * Scotland

"Best. Blogger. Ever. " ~ Michelle F. * Ontario Canada

"Am Loving Jonathan Valdez and his blog. Posting the link to my Facebook, I'm a huge fan!!" ~ Valarie H. * Nashville, TN

"Jonathan Valdez has the BEST blog! It is my place to go when I want to know about fashion, fame and fabulous everything." ~ Hannah A. * New Braunfels, TX

"If it weren't for you and OJ&B I would be lost in the world of celebrity craziness!" ~ Andi R. * San Antonio, TX

"So, I've totally converted a couple of my co-workers to your blog, just fyi. You have a nice little fan club in Salt Lake City!" ~ Kember M. * Salt Lake City, UT

"Your blog is only getting better and better!!" ~ Emily W. * New York, NY

"It's my favorite blog ever! and I am not a blog follower!" ~ Giselle * Calabasas, CA

"I heart OJ&B!" ~ Chelsia J. * Houston, TX

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