O M G! If I hear Kristen Stewart cry about how she hates being famous one more time! Really K Stew? Who are you kidding? Everyone knows tha...

O M G! If I hear Kristen Stewart cry about how she hates being famous one more time! Really K Stew? Who are you kidding? Everyone knows that the best way to stay famous is to be famous and bitch about how you hate it so much.

Recently the hot mess of an actress (can someone get that poor girl a new stylist ASAP?) told the British magazine Fabulous, "I don't want to be a movie star like Angelina Jolie," she told the mag "Nothing about being a celebrity is desirable. I'm an actor. It's bizarre to me that every body's so obsessive."

How about you be grateful that you were LUCKY enough to snag the role in Twilight and appreciate that people even care about you. Trust me, the Twilight frenzy will end. Maybe not today or next year or in 8 years, but when the saga ends and it is over, people may not care about you. Then I guess you will get your wish!

K Stew then told Fabulous, "Edward is actually a really good parallel to fame," she explained, "As a vampire, he has a sad, desolate life — fame is the same." Emo much? Listen if the fame is so sad and desolate STOP DOING MOVIES! Also if you say that you are just an actress that only cares about the craft, go do some regional theatre somewhere and leave Hollywood! Oh, what's that Kristen? You love the money to much and we don't hear you bitching when you cash the check? Thought so! You didn't look so sad when you were waving to the papz in that pic or when you go to those movie premieres and awards shows. I mean you drop stuff and look a mess... but you don't look sad. Am I wrong?

It just seems like she is doing everything necessary to secure her fame. It's not like she is a struggling person who HAS to act to pay her rent or bills. I really should not give her any more attention. We should all ignore her so she can get what she wants and another actress who appreciates that she is liked can get the rolls! JUST SAYING!
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  1. ugh i hate her too! and im sorry to say i read the twilight books and while bella is one of the most ridiculously annoying female characters i've ever met (alongside every single jane austen female character ever) kristen stewart manages to make her even more annoying than humanly possible.

  2. sorry i meant READ, not met.

  3. I wont see these movies. The fact that she is in them does not help. HOT MESS DOT COM SLASH EDU! People get tired of hearing her cry!

  4. I think when you read books and watch movies you "meet" the characters so I feel ya lol.

  5. I 100% AGREE WITH EVERYTHING YOU JUST STATED. I WAS RUNNING MY MOUTH ABOUT THE SAMETHING THE OTHER DAY. This girl is ridiculous! She is the star of one of the biggest movie trilogies of the decade and she's whining? Boo-f'n-hoo bia.

  6. I KNOW BOO! Mandy and I do not take stars crying about the fame. Trust us, if you stopped acting I am sure people would forget about you in a hot minute. ANY GIRL could have played Bella and the fans would be after her and not K STEW.

  7. Absolutely agree! I really wanted to strangle Robert Pattinson and Kristin Stewart both when they kept on going "Oh I really don't understand WHY people are so obsessed about me...now I can't even go on the streets without getting MOBBED by fans!" Oh how horrible it must be for them to be so famous. Suck it up!

  8. You don´t know anything about this. About the feelings. Because of writing so much stuff...
    You don´t understand...
    KStew is so great, and a brilliant actor. And I don´t believe, that it´s over after "Twilight"...

  9. I don't know if I understand your comment? I don't understand what? I never said it would be over after Twilight, I said it MAY be over and then she might be happy. Just saying that if it is so hard then don't do it. Slah as a fan, don't you find it insulting that she doesn't appreciate that people have an interest in her?

  10. Hi Anonymous, sweetie, could you learn to spell/use correct grammar when you post a comment? By the way, this is Jon's blog. He's allowed to say what he wants about who he wants. If he feels like ragging on KStew...that's his right. You don't have to read his blog so click on another. I'm sure there are plenty of bloggers out there who go gaga over her.

    Now that we have that out of the way, Dee, I'm in agreement with you. I read the books and now I regret it. Bella was so annoying! I refuse to watch any of the movies.

    Jonathan, dear, I agree with your KStew post. You're doing a great job with OJ&B! I love read your take on everything from fashion to celebs!

  11. Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't film actors know what they are getting into with the paps? If she wants to be an actor and not be all famous with everyone following her around then she should be a stage actor... not many paps and mags fighting to show the world her secrets...

    If you don't like it stop making movies no one is forcing you to do it!



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