University To Have Policy Against Sex While Roomie Is Present

Tufts University in Somerville, Massachusetts is laying down the law when it comes to laying down with others. There is a policy that call...

Tufts University in Somerville, Massachusetts is laying down the law when it comes to laying down with others. There is a policy that calls for absolutely no sex in a dorm room while a roommate is in the dorm room. This policy was created after the school had several complaints about roommates sexing it up. REALLY? What is going on at Tufts? There was so much sexing while a roommate was present that enough complaints were filed to create a new policy? WOW... I think this is my don't act like that slash get your life together moment of the week. PEOPLE, GET YOUR LIFE TOGETHER! Your school has to tell you not to be a hoochie while someone else is in the room! My favorite part of the story is that if you violate this rule you could face disciplinary action or lose your guest privileges. "Girl I wish you could come watch Gossip Girl but I kept sexin' while Erica was in the room and home girl told on me!" Some students wonder how this rule is going to be enforced. Well, obviously people can and will tell on you, but I think they should install hoochie alarms. If you are laying in bed trying to sleep before a big exam and your roommate decides to be dirty while you are in the room, simply push the hoochie alarm, and security will quickly come and take said hoochie into custody. "Girl you know they had to go to student court cause they kept creepin'." As always, What you do is your business, but when it comes to this... GET YOUR LIFE TOGETHER!
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  1. OHHH My Freakin' God... Just because I get it on, doesn't mean I'm a hooch. I just choose to disrespect my man, his room, and his roommate by creepin over to get the dirty on not caring about my surroundings. At least in a room it is semi-private. I guess we can always go to El Vulcan!

    lol Great story <3

  2. Glad you guys liked it! I love stories like these. People make me laugh!!

  3. I have a portable hoochie alarm. They have no shame!

  4. hahhahahah ewwwwwwwwwww... I would move out. thanks goodness for living in an apt now! Although the portable hoochie alarm would come in handy at times!

  5. bahahahah! i've been meaning to comment on this for days but just now got around to it! i love the hoochie alarm idea hahahaha!!

  6. Looks like I am going to start selling Hoochie alarms! Andi do you want a portable one that doubles as a key chain? They will all alert the Oh NO PO PO!

  7. ooooohhhh! yes that would be fantastic, you don't know how many hoochies are out and about these days! the recession is really hitting them hard...



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